10 Characters Who Appear In Multiple Unrelated Games

The Legend of Zelda the games have been popular since the first one was released in 1986. Establishing a fantasy world called Hyrule, the games come with their own incredible lore and unique races. There are different generations of Link and Zelda, but certain NPCs appear throughout the franchises. This unique approach to creating games has allowed designers to have a lot of fun.

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Some of these characters are staples in the plots of many games, such as the main character Princess Zelda, while others are simply set to support the hero of Hyrule, Link. Whether their role is big or small, these nostalgic characters appear in multiple Zelda Games.


The Big Mojo Tree

Link stands in front of the big Mojo tree in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

The Great Deku Tree makes its first appearance in Ocarina of time (OoT) when introduced as the guardian of the forest. He was the one who took in Link as a baby and raised him with the spirits of the forest before sending him on his quest to save Hyrule. He dies from Ganon’s illness, but is eventually reborn as The Great Deku Sprout, continuing the magic of the forest.

Since then, The Great Deku Tree has appeared in Wind Waker and breath of the wild. Either way, he is once again the guardian of the forest. It is unknown if he is the same Mojo tree that was born in the OoT Kokiri Forest, or if he’s yet another reincarnation, but he’s definitely an NPC fans love to see.


Beedle is a merchant who appears in several Legend of Zelda games

Beedle is a merchant that was first introduced in Wind Waker and its sequels. It floats around the islands and offers various items for sale that can help Link on his adventure. He’s slightly silly, with a memorable voice that fans can’t help but emulate.

Beedle later appears in unrelated games Minish Cap, skyward sword, and breath of the wild, making him a relatively new familiar face in games. With all of these games taking place at very different times in the timeline, one can only conclude that Beedle is another reincarnation.


Zelda Hyrule Warriors Tingle

Tingle is introduced in one of the best Zelda Games, Majora’s Mask. He is the son of the swamp tour guide, who views Tingle as a sad little man who never grew up. Tingle believes himself to be the reincarnation of a fairy and desperately seeks his own fairy like Link. He manages to fly using a balloon, which is useful because he draws maps of what he sees and sells them to Link.

Tingle has appeared in nearly every major Zelda title since. He’s still flamboyant, weird, and slightly boring. Since all of these games take place in different places in the timeline, it’s possible that Majora’s Mask Tingle was actually right to be a reincarnated fairy.

The great fairy

The Great Fairy appears in Wind Waker.

Besides Link, Zelda, and Ganon, The Great Fairy is the longest-running character in the series, with her first appearance being in The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, she has appeared in almost every Zelda game. She is a helpful fairy who lives in a fairy fountain and gives gifts and hearts to Link.

There will usually be a few different Great Fairies in each game. Game designers have taken many different approaches to their designs, some resembling aliens with multiple sets of arms, and others resembling voluptuous and seductive giant women. However, their general objective is the same in all games: to help Link in his quest.


die-hard fans of the Zelda games can remember postman was originally known as Running Man when he was introduced in OoT. It provided Link with one of the many mini-games the title had to offer but did little else to the game’s story.

He’s appeared in a few other titles since, but his primary role was as Twilight Princess where he delivers letters to Link at Hyrule Field. Players couldn’t help but laugh as he comically appeared on the pitch, making eerie squeaks with every step and singing his own version of the victory song as he presented his letter.


Zelda: Image of the Twinrova sisters riding their broomsticks

Twinrova, also known as the evil witches Koume and Kotake, are Ganondorf’s surrogate mothers and biggest supporters. They are the Witches of Fire and Ice respectively and are most remembered as the main bosses of the Spirit Temple at OoT.

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Besides their role in Majora’s Maskthe evil twins also appeared in the Oracle of ages and Seasons Games. In both sets of titles, Koume and Kotake are able to combine into their Twinrova form, a giant half-fire half-ice Gerudo. The sisters are memorable as bosses, and something about their evil reverence for Ganon makes them extremely creepy.


Link rides Epona in Ocarina of Time.

Epona is Link’s trusty mount and he sorely misses her every time she doesn’t appear in a title. In OoT, Link finds Epona Colt at the Lon Lon Ranch where he immediately establishes a connection with her. Upon his return as an adult, he wins Epona in a bet, saving her from her fate of being given to Ganondorf.

In future games, Epona will always be a trusted companion for Link. In Twilight Princess Link was raised on a goat farm and Epona is his best friend. In breath of nature, she can be earned as part of the game’s DLC. She can be a reincarnating soul along with the other main characters and any game is definitely lacking without her.


Ganondorf threatening Link and Midna in the throne room in The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess HD

Ganondorf is the evil spirit himself, and no matter how many times he reincarnates, he is still determined to take over the kingdom of Hyrule. As described in OoT, he is one of the few males born into the Gerudo tribe. He still receives the Triforce of Power and will, of course, still be foiled by Link and Zelda.

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Ganondorf has appeared in every major Zelda game other than Majora’s Mask, Minish Cap, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and skyward sword. He is sometimes depicted as a man, a beast, and sometimes both. No matter what form he is, he is still a major enemy to be reckoned with.


Impa is one of the best NPCs in the world Zelda games and was first introduced in OoT as Princess Zelda’s guard and servant. She is a member of the ancient Sheika tribe and has been responsible for protecting the royal family for generations. It is her plan and her magic that causes Zelda to disguise herself as the mysterious Sheika boy, Sheik.

Impa appeared in the Oracle Games, skyward sword, a link between worldsand breath of the wildas well as a playable character in the Hyrule Warriors Games. She sometimes appears as an old woman and at other times as a strong and capable warrior, but in all cases it has been revealed that she also reincarnates from game to game.


BOTW Princess Zelda Playable

As the main character of the series, Princess Zelda is quite an important character. She appears in all the main titles other than Wake up links and is still the princess of Hyrule Kingdom.

Zelda is still the holder of the Triforce of Wisdom and revealed to be the reincarnation of the goddess Hylia herself. Although she has a variety of different personalities across the games, she is still intelligent and capable, perfectly reflecting her Triforce shard.

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