10 Epic Hoover Dam Tours You Can Do

Whenever Las Vegas is mentioned, people tend to think only of casinos, partying, gambling, drinking, and the Walk of Stars. However, they overlook many other unique attractions in the city, such as the Valley of Fire, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, and most importantly, Hoover Dam. Back in 1935, the breathtaking dam was the largest in the world. The unique walls of Hoover Dam blend beautifully into the dry, dreary landscape that surrounds it, while the tranquil waters of Lake Mead provide pleasing colors to the landscape. Here are the top 10 tours that tourists can book for a visit to the Hoover Dam. Related: 10 spots in Las Vegas with the best views

13 Hoover Dam Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas

For people who are not afraid of heights and airplanes, this short helicopter tour is a great deal for them. A 6-minute flight that offers tourists magnificent views of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and the Colorado River. Additionally, the tour includes historical narration about the dam.

  • Helicopter capacity: It can accommodate up to 6 people.
  • Cost: The tour costs $69 per person.

12 Hoover Dam Tour with Lake Mead Cruise

11 A great package, this tour visits the spectacular Hoover Dam, where tourists learn about how it was built and its history. Plus, cruising the dark blue waters of Lake Mead, one of the largest man-made lakes in the entire world, is a great way to pass the time while admiring the incredible scenery. Including a visit to the legendary Ethel M chocolate factory, this tour is an exceptional combination of incredible history, exceptional nature and tasty food.

  • Cost: The tour costs $109 per person.

ten Hoover Dam Tricycle Tour

This entertaining tricycle tour is a unique way to see the beauties of the Hoover Dam. Runners will enjoy the breathtaking environment around them. Starting in the historic town of Boulder, they will cross the dam and stop to take in the mesmerizing vistas of Lake Mead and the Memorial Bridge. This trip is an incredible opportunity to explore one of America’s most amazing engineering achievements, and it will undoubtedly leave tourists with lasting memories of a fantastic day.

  • Cost: The tour costs $369 per person.

9 Hoover Dam and Colorado River Kayak Tour

This 3-hour kayaking tour is ideal for adventure seekers and those who want to experience unusual ways to visit the Hoover Dam. The kayak exploration will begin at Willow Beach with an expert guide. While on the water, tourists will learn interesting facts about the dam and the area. They will also discover the surrounding fauna of the area. Tourists will kayak up the amazing narrow channel, the Emerald Grotto, passing through a splendid viewpoint of the Colorado River.

  • Cost: The tour costs $139 per person
  • Number of participants: Up to 12 people.

8 Hoover Dam Up and Down by Luxury SUV with Colorado River Float

This 6.5 hour trip is an amazing combination of a visit to the unique and famous Hoover Dam with an incredible river adventure. Tourists will raft through the Black Canyon, float near the dam and around the bridge for some exceptionally interesting views. During this tour, people will be able to see the best and most splendid viewpoints surrounding the area. Also, they should not forget to go through the reception center before leaving.

  • Cost: The tour costs $99 per person.

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7 Mountain Bike Historic Tunnel Trail to Hoover Dam from Las Vegas

6 This tour is a call for all cycling enthusiasts. During this 7 hour trip, people will cycle around the dam, exploring the amazing scenery and wildlife of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. In addition, they will pass through several historic tunnels before reaching the fantastic dam. Biking on the trail is suitable and relaxing for beginners.

  • Cost: The tour costs $191.17 per person.

5 Hoover Dam and West Rim Bus Tour

When people think of a bus trip, they feel discouraged because sometimes it can be uncomfortable. However, this 12-15 hour bus tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam is a comfortable and thrilling adventure. En route to the Hoover Dam, travelers will stop on Route 66, where exceptional spots await. Once at the Grand Canyon, they will stop at Eagle Point, a spectacular viewpoint at the edge of the West Rim. Then they’ll head to Guano Point for another great vantage point before heading back to Las Vegas.

  • Cost: The tour costs $89 per person.

4 Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour and Hoover Dam Photo Stop with Optional Skywalk

3 On many Grand Canyon tours, a stop at the massive Hoover Dam is a must. People will have the chance to take stunning photos of the famous ancient bridge that leads into the Joshua Tree Forest. They will also have the opportunity to “skywalk” on an incredible glass bridge suspended at 4000 feet (1219.2 meters) above the cliffs.

  • Cost: The tour costs $99 per person. People will have to pay extra to walk on the glass bridge.

2 Grand Canyon in a Day: Hummer Tour from Las Vegas

This luxurious and stylish sightseeing tour awaits visitors to the Hoover Dam. Travelers will discover fascinating landscapes at the gigantic dam, gaze at the magnificent Grand Canyon, take the marvelous Route 66 and walk through the hypnotic Joshua Tree forest. They will also gain deeper knowledge of the impressive Indian Hualapai culture.

  • Cost: The tour costs $114 per person.

1 Grand Canyon: Bus Tour with Walking Guide

On this trip, visitors will be able to walk around the massive Hoover Hydroelectric Dam and get to the magnificent Grand Canyon. Travelers will get to know the fauna and flora of the region and contemplate the magical landscapes in addition to the breathtaking views of the Eagle and Guano points. In addition, they will have the chance to visit a Native American village.

  • Cost: The tour costs $115.2 per person.

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