10 incredible volcanoes to visit around the world

Volcano tourism is for those who don’t mind adrenaline, and these volcano tours are nothing short of thrilling.

Even though most volcanoes are active, they are safe to visit, but tourists should always be aware of the risk and educate themselves about the volcano they are visiting before doing so. Every year, many people visit the volcanoes to admire the fantastic scenery and get great photos of the eruptions. Some people even like to hike and climb them or even fly over them in a hot air balloon. Here are ten that travelers might consider for their next adventurous trip.

ten Mount St. Helena, Washington

Four decades ago, this volcano experienced the most destructive explosion in US history and ejected millions of tons of ash covering the skies of Washington state that traveled nearly 2,000 miles . 57 people were killed in its path and the volcano also created the largest recorded debris in history. Access to Mount St Helens costs $8 per person for a Monument pass and there is also a visitor center where visitors can learn about Mount St Helens and its eruption.

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9 Mount Etna, Catania, Sicily, Italy

Etna is the most active volcano in the world and also the largest in Europe. This volcano is very active and regularly erupts. The mountain even regularly blows smoke rings, giving it a very dramatic volcanic effect. Visitors can get there by cable car and then walk the rest to the top. Visitors also have the option of hiking or even booking a guided jeep tour. It’s the tallest volcano in Europe, but each time it blows it gets shorter, so tourists should visit it while it’s still the tallest!

8 Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro National Park, Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest volcano in Africa and is known as the sleeping giant, it has three cones and two are extinct and the other has been dormant for 150,000 years. Mount Kilimanjaro is very popular for photography as it sits against the African savannah with giraffes and elephants in view. For visitors who like rock climbing this is perfect for them and it takes days to reach the top, a guide will be needed as well as the right equipment and hikers should be aware of altitude sickness.

7 Kelimutu Volcano, Flores Island, Indonesia

This volcano is very different from the others, it does have three cones like the others but while other volcanoes spit fire, Kelimutu is filled with lakes that change blue or even dark red or black depending on what happens. goes below. This active volcano hasn’t erupted in 50 years, but when it does, the beautiful summit lakes will be gone, so tourists are recommended to see them before they go. The best time for visitors is early morning when they can see the beautiful sunrise.

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6 Eyjafjallajökull, Sudurland, Iceland

This volcano is very cold, so cold that it is completely frozen. It’s still an active volcano but it hasn’t erupted since 2010. The ice cap that covers it won’t melt because the volcano isn’t hot enough. This volcano stands tall with a chain of volcanoes that border the Icelandic landscape. The latest eruption was very chaotic and left plumes of smoke that blocked flight paths, leaving thousands of travelers stranded in Europe. Visitors can drive to the top in a dungeon which will be led by a tour guide.

5 Cotopaxi, Ecuador:

Cotopaxi is a fairly active volcano and has erupted over 50 times in the past 300 years. The volcano is located in “the avenue of volcanoes” with a handful of other large volcanoes along a 200 mile stretch. Cotopaxi is an almost perfectly symmetrical cone shape. When here, visitors can mountain bike, hike, rock climb, and camp here. Visitors can also find the Enchanted Valley here which has the stone and mudslide from one of the Cotopaxi mudslides.

4 Stromboli, Italy

Stromboli has small eruptions almost every hour, with the last major eruption occurring in 1930. Visitors can get very close and are guaranteed to see fire and lava. There are many options for tourists to get to the island, including hiking, while tourists can do most of the way on their own, they will need a guide to go higher, if this does not happen, visitors risk being charged a fine. The hike is known to take over three hours, but is doable for anyone. Hiking the volcano at night is a good idea and many like to do it because the view of the eruptions is so beautiful.

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3 White Island, New Zealand

White Island is one of New Zealand’s most active volcanoes and most of the volcano is underwater, but around 70% of it can be seen. Visitors must wear a mask when visiting here due to the acidic white vapor and gas it produces. When on the volcano, tourists can expect to see mud pits and volcanic streams. Here, tourists will also notice the remains of a sulfur factory where 10 miners were killed in 1914. For tourists who don’t want to get too close to the volcano, it is possible to view it by helicopter, plane or on a boat.

2 Bullring, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is full of beautiful green landscapes and the blue waters of Lake Arenal and towers above the spectacular volcano. Arenal is young and the first eruption is thought to have been 7,000 years ago, there have been no eruptions since 1968, so could be a safe volcano. The latest eruption caused one side of the volcano to explode which killed 78 people and destroyed 2 nearby villages. This volcano can be visited without a guide, visitors will receive a map upon arrival and pay the entrance fee, but a tour guide is also an option.

1 Vesuvius, Italy

Vesuvius is an iconic monument and is known for the destruction caused to the Roman city of Pompeii where it killed around 16,000 people and buried the entire city. There are still bodies here that were killed in that event and they look and feel frozen. Today it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Italy. To get to the top, tourists can walk about 30-40 minutes from where taxis and buses drop them off. The crater is always releasing gases and it is a very exciting experience for visitors.

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