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Is it too late now to apologize?

Pop star Justin Bieber may have plenty to apologize for after yesterday’s (October 7) announcement that he is postponing the rest of his Justice World Tour, including the concert in Singapore on October 25.

For local fan Valerie Chan, the news was a huge disappointment, but she told AsiaOne that she was already expecting it.

“After all, Justin has a habit of canceling the Asian leg of tours – for example, the Purpose Tour in 2017,” the 22-year-old said.

Also, in early September, the Canadian singer ended the European leg of his tour in order to focus on his health.

The 28-year-old said in a statement: “I performed six live shows, but it cost me a lot… After coming off the stage, exhaustion overtook me and I realized that I had to make my health a priority right now, so I’m going to take a break from touring for the time being.


Chan, who works in public relations, shared: “I think the moment he announced the postponement of Europe, I was mentally prepared for the Asian leg. [of the tour] also report. Didn’t it make sense that he was able to heal so quickly?

“I was mostly annoyed by the lack of transparency and chaining fans – false hopes in and of themselves – with no response despite fans asking for a definitive answer.”

In a social media post yesterday, concert promoter Unusual Entertainment announced that the tour will be postponed to 2023 and more details will be available at a later date.


“Fans with tickets to all postponed World Tour dates should await further news on dates, venues and cities as updates become available,” the post read.

He also said current tickets will be honored for the new show, but ticket holders who cannot do so can request a full refund “according to the ticket price shown on your ticket.”

Chan picked up her tickets in March and she bought the $700 Ghost VIP ticket for the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (KL) concerts. In total, she spent $1,400 on tickets — including other costs such as reservation fees — and demanded a refund. However, she is aware that she will not recover this amount in full.


Although it’s “low-key boring”, Chan resigns herself to it. “It is what it is. The other fees are tiny compared to the actual cost of the ticket anyway,” she said.

As for her trip to KL, Chan will still be flying, not because she can’t get a refund, but because it’s also a personal holiday.

The trip was originally planned because of the concert, she said, “but eventually my friend and I decided to make it a short getaway for us too.”

In terms of monetary loss, there is not much impact on her. She explained, “I’m lucky to be in a position where I have disposable income to enjoy such leisure activities as and when I want.”

However, she added, “My heart aches for the fans who skimped and saved every dollar they had to attend the concert only to receive disappointment.”

And Brunei fan Jean Ng is one of them.

Speaking to AsiaOne via text message, the 23-year-old university student said she and her friends were disappointed “once again” after her 2017 Singapore tour was cancelled.

Ng shared that seven of them planned to fly to Singapore for the concert. The flight costs about $500 each and the ticket about $305 each.


When asked if they specifically saved up for this, Ng said yes.

“We had this trip in mind as soon as the Justice Tour was announced and we knew Singapore would be included sooner or later. We feel like our next trip has become somewhat pointless and we have to go just to get some our money,” she said. said.

In addition to feeling pressured to go on a trip, Ng will also miss classes “for nothing”.

“A few of my friends who are joining me on this trip have also requested time off from their workplaces to organize this trip. Therefore, I felt like it was a waste of time and effort. ‘efforts after the cancellation,’ she said.

Ng decided to continue the trip, but only to avoid flight cancellation charges. She felt it wasn’t worth paying given the “late announcement” and the flight is in two weeks.

She shared that the band even waited until July to book their flights because the tour “seemed to be going according to plan at that time.”

After the postponement of the European tour, Ng also contacted the concert organizer to confirm that the Asian tour would continue. However, she said she “received vague answers or that ‘based on their knowledge’ the show would go on”.

Like Chan, she has also opted to refund her tickets as she is unconvinced that the rescheduled dates (when announced) will even happen.


That said, if and when the dates are announced, Ng would like to get tickets again, but “only if Asia comes first.”

“It’s safe to say that we now have trust issues with the whole team and may not try to get tickets to his shows only to be disappointed again.”

As for Chan, she “will definitely book but with low expectations.”

“After all, KL is quite close to Singapore, so I’m not too bothered by the extra cost at the moment,” she said.

AsiaOne has reached out to Unusual Entertainment for more information and will update this article if they respond.

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