4 tips for planning a destination wedding

Every year, millions of people take the marriage oath to love, honor and cherish their loved one. As one of life’s truly monumental occasions, a wedding deserves a well-organized celebration that is sure to provide fond memories for a lifetime.

But planning all the details can be overwhelming at times – and that’s why more and more people are opting for destination weddings, which tend to be more cost-effective and hassle-free. With over 300,000 destination weddings taking place each year, there is good reason to consider this an option over a traditional wedding.

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when planning a destination wedding.

1. Decide on a date and place

To get started on the right foot, make a list of your best wedding venues and narrow your list down to about three options. When deciding on a date and location, consider your schedule, time of year, and any seasonal changes these places tend to experience. Of course, you’ll need to do your research on the weather, event costs versus an off-season wedding event, and ease of travel.

You should also try to consider hotel accommodation and packages with special offers for the bride and groom. Some destinations have all-inclusive packages that cover everything from flowers to champagne and everything in between. You can also find wedding combo packages in the Honeymoon Getaway Deals.

2. Choose booking announcements for the date

Once you’ve decided on a date and a location, you’ll want to let your friends and family figure out all the details of your big day. In fact, the sooner the better to ensure that your guests can attend. Example: Reservation cards should be mailed up to 10-12 months in advance, which should give your guests plenty of time to request vacation days, book travel and accommodation, and ‘take care of any other travel or wedding. related requirements.

Although what to include on a announcement save the date It might seem like a no-brainer, always include the following:

  • Your names
  • The date and place
  • Wedding site link
  • A note on a formal invitation to follow

Of course, when it comes to style and design, it’s about personalizing your ads with the perfect fonts, lettering, and colorful palettes.

3. Consider hiring a wedding planner

If you are not the super organized type and feel overwhelmed when planning events (big or small) you might want to consider hire a wedding planner to make your big day go as smoothly as possible. In particular, make sure that this hired professional is also able to coordinate travel for you and your guests. Schedule meetings with him every few weeks for updates and to confirm reservations. Your wedding planner should also be able to recommend entertainment options for you and your guests. Indeed, calling on a professional to take care of all the details will help you reduce your stress level and allow you to better enjoy this precious day.

4. Prepare for the unexpected

Sometimes, no matter what your intentions are and how things have been strategically planned, something is bound to go wrong. However, you can avoid any potential concerns by keeping a detailed list of the items you need to review. Are your passports ready? Have you purchased marriage insurance to cover any losses you may incur? Like travel insurance which provides cancellation of vacations, wedding insurance is a good idea for destination weddings. Have you confirmed that the marriage laws at your destination are in line with your plans? And don’t forget to review the contracts!

A toast to you and your fiancé!

Destination weddings can be a great source of joy for engaged couples looking for a non-traditional option. Popular for being a low cost alternative, destination weddings are also a great way to spend more time celebrating with close friends and family. And with thoughtful planning and taking these tips into account, you’ll have your dream honeymoon vacation with the people you love the most. Cheers!

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