40 percent off Hawaii tickets

Southwest Airlines is offering 40% off flights to Hawaii in an effort to jumpstart vacation bookings after vacations.

The offer, which must be booked by Thursday October 7 at the latest, is valid for travel between January 6 and March 9. The discount is off the base fare, not the full price, including taxes and government fees. The promo code is HAWAII2022.

Southwest began flights to Hawaii in 2019 and expanded its service this year. The airline now offers non-stop service to multiple islands from several West Coast cities, including Las Vegas, Phoenix and six cities in California, as well as connecting service from other cities, including its hubs in Chicago and Baltimore.

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Examples of offers from a search of the Southwest website Tuesday afternoon:

  • $ 190 round trip between Los Angeles and Maui in mid-February.
  • $ 186 from Oakland to Kona in early March.
  • $ 318 round trip between Chicago (Midway) and Honolulu for one week in mid-January.
  • $ 348 round trip between Baltimore / Washington International Airport in Maui in early February.

How to find cheap flights to Hawaii when selling Southwest Airlines fares

Shop all airlines. Most major airlines offer flights to Hawaii and the airlines tend to match the prices on competing routes. Don’t forget Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines, which are big players in Hawaii. You might find better flight times and routes on other airlines, especially when traveling from the east coast, so shop around. Check your favorite airline’s website or use a travel search site like Google Flights.

Be flexible with dates if possible. Southwest’s Lowest Fare Calendar is generally a handy tool for days with the lowest fares, but note that the calendar does not display the 40% discount, so just use it as a guide for the days. where ticket prices are lowest. Then buy those dates using the promo code.

Do you have miles or frequent flyer points? The number of miles tends to drop with the price of tickets at many airlines, so check to see if you have enough for a ticket.

Hawaii travel restrictions: what travelers need to know

Hawaii reopened to tourists a year ago, requiring a coronavirus test before departure. In July, the state began allowing visitors vaccinated to skip the test.

There are also COVID-19 restrictions and precautions in Hawaii, including masking, proof of vaccination, and testing. In Maui, indoor meals are only allowed if you are vaccinated.

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