7 Fascinating Ghost Tours to Experience in Historic Gettysburg

It was one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Over 50,000 troops from both sides died in the 3-day Battle of Gettysburg. Many say the dead still haunt the city, wandering the streets and buildings lost in perpetual purgatory.

It’s no wonder, then, that Gettysburg is known as one of the most haunted cities in America. As a result, several fascinating ghost tours have been created where visitors to these sacred places can hear the tortured stories and perhaps even meet the deceased.

As you walk the streets of Gettysburg with your guides, you’ll get a sense of the tumultuous battle, feel the grief of locals who were caught in the crossfire, and feel like you’re not alone.

Here are seven of the best haunted Gettysburg ghost tours that will give you goosebumps, make the hairs on your neck stand up, and make you believe.

One of the Gettysburg Paranormal Association guides tells the horrific stories of the Dobbins House which was used as a hospital during the war and is now a restaurant.

Photo credit: Joe Cuhaj

1. Gettysburg Ghost Tours and the Gettysburg Paranormal Association

A real family-friendly spooky tour awaits when you book an outing with the Gettysburg Ghost Tours and Gettysburg Paranormal Association (AMP).

GPA offers 14 candlelit walks through the streets, allied rears and cemeteries of the city. It’s all brought to life by GPA’s master storytellers, fusing the bizarre sightings of townspeople and tourists with incredible historical facts.

If you have ever wanted to participate in a real ghost huntingGPA offers three tours where you can experience paranormal activities ranging from less terrifying and family-friendly hunts to extreme ghost hunt that takes you to old field hospitals, abandoned farms and many more places that will make you a believer. You can see the excerpts and stories of GPA hunts online.

Pro tip: Tours and ghost hunts take place daily, rain or shine, but get your tickets early! GPA is nationally famous due to its appearances on the travel channel and SyFy tickets are therefore collected early. buy them on line.

The Dobbins House in Gettysburg

The famous red door of the Dobbins house which served as a surgical table during the Civil War. Slices in the gate of operations are still visible.

Photo credit: Joe Cuhaj

2. Ghostly images of Gettysburg

Ghostly images of Gettysburg on Baltimore Street offers many different sightseeing options for those brave enough to venture out.

Ghostly Images has three traditional walking tours including visits to Jennie Wade Housethe site of the battle’s only civilian death, as well as tours of the children’s orphanage dungeon where a cruel head mistress tortured misbehaving children. It also explores the oldest house in town, the Dobbins House, once used as a field hospital. In fact, the red door at the front of the building served as an operating table. Scary, huh?

You can visit even spookier lairs and hear other ghostly stories as you ride along the ghostly images bus tour. Guided bus tours last 2 hours and are offered throughout the summer and fall.

Make your reservations early by buying tickets on line.

Farnsworth House Ghost Tours

Farnsworth House Ghost Tours

Photo credit: George Sheldon / Shutterstock.com

3. Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tour

A unique destination for ghost lovers is the historic Farnsworth House recognized as one of the most haunted hostels in America.

Built in 1810, Farnsworth is a magnificent bed and breakfast with an exterior beer garden and dining area Region. He understands gastronomy in the main dining rooms and bedrooms eloquently decorated with period furnishings such as lace four-poster beds and bathrooms with Victorian high-cistern toilets, pull-chains and clawfoot tubs and showers .

Several of the rooms have had reported paranormal activity, including the Sara Darkroomwho would be the most haunted in the house.

The Farnsworth offers several walking tours including the Yankee Spirits Walking Tour, a 90-minute nighttime walk down Gettysburg’s Baltimore Street to various haunted locations with storytellers telling tales of the deceased. And don’t forget the spooky Tormented and Lost Souls Tour. It is not for children as the guide tells spooky tales of death, murder and ghostly encounters.

A favorite “haunt” (pardon the pun) for Gettysburg visitors is the haunted Farnworth Cellar display. Here, period-dressed storytellers bring the history of Farnsworth to life, along with the former residents of the house who still live there, if you can call it living.

Tickets for the Haunted Cellar presentation must be purchased on line. The owners remind you that as the Farnsworth is a working bed and breakfast, some parts of the house may not be accessible on certain dates. You can also make your reservations to spend a night at the Farnsworth on line.

The Jennie Wade House, one of the stops on the Civil War Ghosts tour

The Jennie Wade House, one of the stops on the Civil War Ghosts tour

Photo credit: George Sheldon / Shutterstock.com

4. Civil War Ghosts

Up to 12 historic – and haunted – sites are visited in one of two ghost walks presented by Civil War Ghosts.

These tours are short but guaranteed to make you believe. The first visit lasts one hour and covers approximately 1.6 km. The extended tour lasts 90 minutes and covers 1.5 miles.

Be sure to hire one of the towers EMC (Electromagnetic Field) detectors to take with you and know when there is paranormal activity near you.

Group sizes are limited, so plan to order tickets plenty of time before your trip.

Sach Covered Bridge at Gettysburg

One of the stops guests can explore with After Dark Investigations is the reportedly haunted Sach Covered Bridge.

Photo credit: John Samsock / Shutterstock.com

5. Investigations after dark

Have you ever watched the TV series ghost hunters Where kindred spirits and have you wondered about the amazing gadgets they use to investigate paranormal behavior? You can now try these gadgets with a After dark investigations round.

After Dark deliberately keeps groups small so there is no waiting in line. You’ll get more personal advice from your guide on the use of investigative equipment such as K2 meters, EVP voice recorders to pick up audio from spirits, laser grids, and more. as you explore some of Gettysburg’s most haunted destinations.

Still a non-believer? Check the After Dark website for spooky Pictures and videosthen book one of the many tours on line.

6. Paranormal Battlefield Excursions

Another Gettysburg ghost tour that lets you become a paranormal investigator is Paranormal Battlefield Excursions (EPB).

Again, BPE keeps their group size small, no more than 10 per tour. They allow you to use their survey equipment – EVP recorders, K2 counters, etc. – to capture your own evidence of paranormal activity.

Each tour lasts 2 hours and depending on where they choose to investigate on the night of your tour, they may cover up to two different haunted sites.

To book, call BPE. They take appointments but it’s cash or PayPal only.

Eddie of Gettysburg

Have lunch or dinner at Gettysburg Eddie’s, a restaurant that pays homage to the city’s baseball hall of fame, Eddie Plank, and is haunted. It is one of many stops on many Gettysburg ghost tours.

Photo credit: Joe Cuhaj

7. Mark Nesbitt’s Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours

This is the tour that starts many on their Gettysburg ghost-hunting trip – the Gettysburg Ghosts Candlelight Walking Tour.

The Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tour is based on Mark Nesbitt’s bestselling book series of the same name, also turned into a series about the Historic Channel.

Costumed storytellers lead you through the dark alleys of Gettysburg to hear spooky tales and perhaps see unexplained activity. A story that haunts me in the books – and it’s included in some of the tours – happened at Pennsylvania College Prep School, the story of Blue Boy.

A young boy was fleeing abuse inflicted on him at a local orphanage. It was a freezing and snowy night. Some of the college girls took pity on the boy and hid him in their room.

Every evening, the head mistress went from room to room to check on the girls. When she approached their room, the girls hid the boy on a snowy ledge outside their window.

One night after inspecting their room, the girls went to bring the boy back but all they found on the ledge were a pair of snowy footprints. The boy had disappeared. Today, people claim to see the boy’s eerie, ghostly blue face outside the college windows. Sometimes the words “help me!” can be seen scrawled in the frosted windows.

Take a ghost of Gettysburg round – either the Baltimore or Carlisle Street tours – and maybe you’ll see the legendary Blue Boy. Or visit a Civil War hospital where guards descend an elevator to the basement to see the hospital’s ghostly apparitions while still in operation!

Ghosts of Gettysburg also features a self-guided tour where you can visit these places on your own and at your own pace.

Pro Tip: Gettysburg Ghost Tours

All haunted walking tours in Gettysburg operate rain or shine, except in inclement weather, so dress accordingly. Please visit the site websites for any schedule changes.

Many tours take you down cobbled lanes and the footing is uneven. Be careful and be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

If you have younger children, you may want to check with your guides before taking a tour with them. Some of these stories could cause nightmares.

Pennsylvania has so much to offer, including:

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