9 surprising stars who have worked in Disney parks!

It’s probably no surprise that some of our favorite celebrities started their entertainment careers working in the most magical places on earth. Whether it’s Disneyland, Disney World, or parks overseas, Disney has always been a place for some of the brightest talent. Check out our list below of some of our favorite celebrities who have worked in the parks!

  1. Kevin Richardson (Backstreet Boys) – Walt disney world
    • One of the most vocal fans of his former job, Kevin Richardson worked at Walt Disney World as a tour guide. In a special celebrating the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, Kevin said, “I would take a 25-minute guided tour of Studio Backlot…” and “…it was an inspiring and amazing place to come to work every day.

  2. Michelle Pfeiffer (Batman, Scarface)- Disneyland
    • Originally from California, in the 70s, Michelle Pfieffer was also a “friend” of Alice in Wonderland and participated in the Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade!
  3. Catherine Joosten (West Wing, Desperate Housewives) – Walt Disney World
    • In a 2009 interview with Fortune, Katheryn auditioned for a role at Hollywood Studios! “After waiting in line for five hours, I auditioned and got a job playing ‘Streetmosphere’,” she wrote. “By now my boys were older and on their own, so I was able to accept the offer and move to Florida. I played Annie Hannigan, housekeeper to the stars. The contract only lasted a year, but he convinced me that I could make a living as an actor.
  4. Steve Martin (Planes, Trains and Automobiles, Parenting) – Disneyland
    • One of the most popular Disney Parks alumni is Steve Martin! Since it opened in 1955 (when he was 10!), Steve has held a variety of jobs at Disneyland, from selling guidebooks to spinning lassos at Frontierland. He would later work at Merlin’s Magic Shop in Fantasyland for 3 years.
  5. Richard Charpentier (The carpenters)
    • Richard Carpenter – of the famous duo ‘The Carpenters’ could sing on Main Street USA! He reportedly wrote musical ideas on Pepsi napkins.
  6. wayne brady (Whose line is that anyway?) – Walt Disney World
    • If you’ve seen Wayne Brady play, you know he’s a multi-talented machine! It’s no surprise that his first teenage job in entertainment was as Tigger! According to his interview with Playbill, the gig wasn’t all fun! Hot Florida would eventually get to him and he would eventually pass out in his costume!
  7. Teri Garr (Young Frankenstein, Tootsie)
    • In a Hollywood Reporters article – it was noted that Teri Garr was “the Statue of Liberty on roller skates in Show Me America” – which was a show during the summer of the 70s. She could be found wearing “a torch that spat out confetti or ping-pong balls”.
  8. Kevin Costner (Field of Dreams, Dances with Wolves) –Disneyland
    • All aboard the Jungle Cruise! This ride is not only a fabulous place of entertainment, it’s also where Kevin Costner worked his jokes as a tour guide! It’s such a shame he wasn’t in the movie version of the attraction! He even met his first wife, Cindy, in the parks – who was “friends” Snow White!
  9. Taye Digg (Chicago, Grey’s Anatomy)
    • There isn’t a ton of information about his exact job, but actor Taye Diggs worked at Tokyo Disneyland for a year!

Did we miss any of your favorite celebrities? List them in the comments below!

Photo credit: Disney / D23

9 surprising stars who have worked in Disney parks!  1

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