ACE in place 2021 ends

DURHAM – As the Rubenstein-Bing Student-Athlete Civic Engagement (ACE) program wraps up its sixth year in 2021, Duke Athletics looks back on another successful summer.

ACE in Place offered five virtual service programs focused on supporting community organizations located in Peru, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam (Sessions I and II). Building on the success of ACE in Place 2020 and the virtual prototype programs that were tested last fall and winter, the virtual programs have allowed ACE to continue to deliver impactful summer service experiences. for Duke and Stanford student-athletes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support the empowerment of women in Peru through education-related initiatives and community development projects. Learn more.

“As a sophomore in high school, scrolling the Duke Athletics website in admiration, the ACE program was an experience that immediately caught my eye. Traveling abroad, living with other students- athletes, connecting with people at Stanford and serving as an international community partner? It sounded too good to be true. I knew if I was to miraculously end up at Duke, the ACE program was the first thing I would sign up for. Sydney yap, Volleyball

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“The ACE program was a memorable experience, which broadened my view of the world. Working with SA Harvest has been very rewarding knowing that we were doing work that would help them become even more efficient in reducing waste and distributing waste. food.” Devin Connell, Cross Country / Men’s Athletics

Support marine conservation in Thailand through sustainable community development projects and initiatives. Learn more.

“I had the privilege of working with an incredible group of people during my time at ACE in Place Thailand. Each person I interacted with had a unique background, different interests, and different areas of expertise. But they all had one thing in common: a passion to make a difference. ” Finn hossfeld, Fencing

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“I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. I am so grateful to everyone who made ACE possible this summer! Interacting with different cultures or people, or participating in different service activities does not require a ticket. plane, it can be at your kitchen table on a laptop, and that can be just as, if not more rewarding, than serving in person. ” Stephanie Zempolich, Female Lacrosse

In partnership with Stanford, the ACE program provides funding to Duke student-athletes accepted to participate in three-week immersive summer service experiences with a partner from the international community. The program is made possible by the generous support of David Rubenstein and Peter and Helen Bing.


Duke ACE In Place 2021 attendees

Margaryta Bilokine (’22) – Women’s Tennis – Vietnam Session II
Theo Burba (’23) – Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Athletics – Peru
Devin Connell (’22) – Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Athletics – South Africa
Deja Davis (’22) – Softball – South Africa
Kees Heetderks (’23) – Men’s football – Vietnam Session II
Anthony hinton (’23) – Football – Vietnam Session I
Finn hossfeld (’23) – Men’s Fencing – Thailand
Carly king (’23) – Women’s Athletics – South Africa
Paige knudsen (’24) – Rowing – Peru
Nathalie Maurer (’23) – Women’s football – South Africa
Kayle Park (’23) – Women’s Swimming & Diving – Vietnam Session I
Catherine Purnel (’24) – Women’s swimming and diving – Peru
Elisabeth reneau (’22) – Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Athletics – Vietnam I
Emma Shuppert (’23) – Women’s swimming and diving – Thailand
Sydney simmons (’22) – Women’s Football – Vietnam Session I
Sarah snyder (’23) – Women’s Swimming and Diving – Vietnam Session II
Chris Theodore (’22) – Men’s Cross Country, Men’s Athletics – Vietnam Session I
Olivia Tighe (’23) – Women’s swimming and diving – Peru
Naïma Turbes (’23) – Women’s Cross Country, Women’s Athletics – Vietnam Session I
Zach Wassmer (’24) – Men’s Swimming and Diving – South Africa
Sydney yap (’24) – Volleyball – Peru
Stephanie Zempolich (’23) – Women’s Lacrosse – Vietnam Session II

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