Adventure tour in India for thrill seekers

Are you tired of being confined to your home? The ongoing pandemic has prevented us from traveling and recharging our batteries in our favorite vacation spots. But don’t let that stop you from discovering amazing places across the country to visit after this dreary situation ebbs away. Let’s overcome the monotony of our home environments and seek the thrill and adventure by taking an adventure tour of India.

Although overseas travel is the trend, we tend to overlook the magnificence of our own country. India is a land of many cultures and has a diverse topography, making it a hotbed of picturesque places that offer a great sense of adventure. These adventures range from trekking, motorcycle expeditions, and camping in the hills to scuba diving and wildlife safaris in the seas and plains, respectively.

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Hiking and camping:

As nature lovers adventure seekers, you can seek solace in the scenic beauty of the Kashmir Valley. Located at high altitude with a cold climate, Ladakh is one of the best trekking experiences. Surrounding destinations like Uttarakhand, Sikkim, and Himachal Pradesh are also excellent sites for trekking and other expeditions. Adventure junkies seem to camp in such hills and associated forests.

Skiing and tobogganing:

On the other hand, Gulmarg offers some of the best adventure sports such as skiing and tobogganing for professionals and newcomers to the snowy hills. It is also a destination admired in Kashmir for its famous gondola ride that overlooks the beauty of the valley.

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Animal safaris:

With wildlife safaris in Corbett, Kaziranga, and other national parks, you can spot exotic species, such as tigers and one-horned rhinos. You can also take the opportunity to see the rare breed of snow leopard in Hemis National Park in Ladakh.

Adventure sports:

Located in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh, with exhilarating activities such as ziplining, rafting, and bungee jumping among others, is a staple on your to-do list. Subsequently, countless motorcycle expeditions also take place on the Ladakh-Manali highway, another famous tourist destination.

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Nautical sports:

If you are a fan of water sports, places such as the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Goa, Maharashtra, and a few other water-covered states are hard to miss. After receiving certified training, scuba diving is an exciting experience accessible in those places that help to discover the life that persists underwater. Separate water sports like banana surfing and kayaking are also available and very exciting.

There are tons of adventures available in India that create precious memories.

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