Airport nightmares as people travel for spring break – Reuters

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Delayed flights, missed connections and long security lines don’t even begin to grasp the difficulties of air travel last weekend.

As locals traveled for spring break, many took to social media to describe the mess they had been through.

Bowling Green resident Destiny Pippin was flying southwest from Nashville to New Orleans. Her flights were continually delayed, rerouted, and canceled, which left her stranded overnight in a city, ultimately paying nearly $400 for four hours of sleep in a hotel room. She says she ended up paying over $1,000 to finally get to New Orleans.

Southwest Airlines cited weather and travel congestion as well as a technology issue.

“It was awful. I have never had a flight experience like I did last weekend. There was a line, there was no way to get in and ask a question, like you were in line with 3, 4, 5 people,” Pippin said.

Across the country, fellow Bowling Green resident Lauren Hibbard found herself stranded in Florida on Sunday due to severe storms. She says the entire airport has been closed and more than 3,000 flights have been cancelled.

“We called about 30 hotels, waited a few hours to get an Uber and the Ubers were so expensive. By the time it was all said and done, we had paid about $200 for Uber and $300 for hotels and it was before food and everything else,” Hibbard said.

Other residents said they resorted to renting a car to cover the remaining distance to their destination.

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