Akron-Canton Airport gets service to Las Vegas via Breeze Airways

GREEN – Breeze Airways adds Las Vegas to the list of destinations served from Akron-Canton Airport.

The new airline now flies to seven cities in Akron-Canton, just over a year after announcing its intention to include the local airport in its operations.

Flights to Las Vegas will be offered twice a week – Thursdays and Sundays – starting October 6. Special rates are offered from Monday for travel before February 14.

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Las Vegas is a welcome destination for Akron-Canton airport officials. Ren Camacho, president and CEO, called Las Vegas the airport’s top unserved destination.

“CAK’s convenient airport experience paired with Breeze’s excellent travel product is a safe bet for travelers to northeast Ohio,” Camacho said in the press release announcing the new route. The airport’s “winning partnership” with Breeze helped make the new service possible, he added.

Breeze Airways strengthens its local service

Breeze announced plans in May 2021 to serve 16 locations across the country, including Akron-Canton. Breeze CEO David Neeleman – who launched several airlines including JetBlue – said the airline was created to meet the needs of underserved airports.

The airline began with flights from Akron-Canton to Tampa, Florida, Charleston, South Carolina and New Orleans. It has since added Palm Beach, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, and Hartford, Connecticut, while converting New Orleans service to seasonal service during the winter months.

David Neeleman, founder and CEO of Breeze Airways, spoke at the annual meeting of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce last fall.

“We’re building it,” Neeleman said Thursday morning of the airline’s growth in Akron-Canton.

People buy tickets and use the service, he said. “We never add cities where we’re not doing well,” he said.

A combination of factors helps Breeze succeed in its strategy, Neeleman said. Akron-Canton is a convenient airport for travelers and its location is accessible to a large number of people.

Plus, northeast Ohio offers plenty of reasons for travelers to visit, Neeleman said. “We love finding those big pockets and providing service,” he said.

Other airlines offered Las Vegas

An airline has been connecting Akron-Canton to Las Vegas for five years. Spirit Airlines offered the service for six months in 2017, but ended flights due to low passenger numbers. Southwest and AirTran also provided service to Las Vegas at different times.

Neeleman called Las Vegas an ideal destination from Akron-Canton and expressed optimism about the flight. “Every time I go to Las Vegas, I see a lot of people from Ohio there.”

Breeze will use new Airbus A220-300s on flights to Las Vegas. The company is in the process of adding 80 of the A220 jets. The first series of A220 jets will feature 36 first class seats, 10 additional legroom and 80 standard seats.

The airline currently flies to 30 cities in 17 states, with 90 nonstop routes.

Neeleman said Akron-Canton may see more destinations added, but Breeze is expected to add more days when the airline flies to a location. Currently, Breeze flies from Akron-Canton to various destinations twice a week, although the airlines fly to Nashville four days a week.

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