Angkor Wat ‘golden’ likely due to natural phenomenon, ANA says

The “golden” photo of Angkor Wat taken on August 12. HONG SAM ATH VIA FACEBOOK

Images and video clips of the Angkor Wat temple, its spiers apparently covered in gold, have been shared tens of thousands of times on social media, sparking a sense of wonder among those who have seen them.

Hong Sam Ath, who took the photos and video and posted them on his Facebook account, is a tourism agent for the National Apsara Authority (ANA). He said the images, which have been widely published by online media, were captured from behind the temple.

“I shot them on August 12 at 6:03 a.m.,” he told the Post, adding that he could not explain the phenomenon because he was not an expert in science or archeology.

“I’m just happy that I saw the golden temples with my own eyes and was able to share them on social media. I don’t want to be famous – I just shared them on my personal account,” he said. he declares.

Regarding any mystical explanation, the ANA, which is responsible for managing the Angkor Archaeological Park, said it was likely a natural phenomenon.

ANA Deputy Director General Long Kosal told the Post, “We haven’t discovered a scientific reason for the temple to appear golden at certain times, all we know is that when it does happens, it’s beautiful.”

As a tip for any tourists who want to give themselves the best chance of witnessing the golden hue first-hand, he recommended checking the weather forecast before a visit.

Kosal, who was recently called upon to clear up some confusion over the use of tripods in the temple grounds, added, “Usually this kind of bright light happens early in the morning and late in the afternoon. “

He said he had witnessed a similar golden reflection one afternoon a few years ago.

Along with the plethora of heart reactions Sam Ath received on his post and many comments on the marvelous appearance of Angkor Wat, many people focused their attention on their faith and admiration for their temple-building ancestors. so amazing.

Regarding Khmer beliefs – from ancient times to the present day – psychologist Hoeur Sethul said that the builders of Angkor Wat had a clear understanding of natural phenomena and used their knowledge as the basis for their belief in the wonders of nature.

A day after posting the photos of the Golden Temple, Sam Ath said it had returned to its usual ancient stone appearance.

“After posting the images, I noticed a number of tour guides and tourists watching the sunrise behind the temple where I captured the images. That being said, most were still in front of the temple which is the common viewing spot. It’s majestic, but the light isn’t as bright,” he said.

In addition to the rare spectacle of the golden appearance, the Angkor Wat complex has been upgraded to attract local and international visitors now that the Kingdom has reopened.

The outer perimeter of the temple has been planted with small and large trees to provide shade and beautify the grounds, while the inner perimeter of the temple features lush green meadows that serve as an all-natural luxurious carpet.

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