‘Bloody awesome, bro’ – Steven Adams raves about his trip back to New Zealand

Seated for his first media demands of the new NBA season, it took less than five seconds for Kiwi star Steven Adams to make the press laugh with his usual charisma.

When asked how he was doing as the icebreaker for the press conference, a deadpan Adams replied, “Yeah, above ground, above ground.”

That set the tone for Adams’ Question Time on Media Day — an annual event each NBA preseason that serves as the first chance for news outlets to get information from players and fans. coaches for the coming season.

For Adams and Memphis, one of the key questions heading into the season is what to expect from the Grizzlies after turning heads last year with their 56-26 record to finish second. of the Western Conference.

Their season ended in the second round against eventual champions Golden State, but Adams said he and the team weren’t looking for confidence.

“The main catch is that we probably shouldn’t feel too good [looking back] because we had that goal and we failed,” he said.

“The biggest takeaway is that everyone here now has experience in the playoffs – it’s hard to explain the feeling and the level of focus and discipline it takes to win these games.

“So it’s good to have that experience, especially for such a young group.”

Adams was more comedic when talking about his personal developments since last season.

“I worked on the old body mate and tried to get a six-pack – it’s still non-existent,” he said.

“I shot a few threes, mate – everyone shoots threes in the summer.”

‘I just appreciate the country bro’

Steven Adams.

Adams was also asked about his trip back to New Zealand in the off-season, particularly after the Covid-19 pandemic limited his travels in recent years.

He did not disappoint.

“I came back and it was really great bro,” Adams said.

“I got to see my family, see all these other great people, see New Zealanders, my friends, go out and fish a bit, just enjoy the countryside bro and hang out on the farm.”

Adams was pictured all over Aotearoa during his visit, spending time with his sister Dame Valerie Adams, hanging out with Black Ferns at Bay of Plenty rugby union and being praised for his ‘humble’ attitude at the airport. Auckland.

A somewhat doctored image comes from his fishing adventures, the center has revealed.

“[The fish] was big in the photo because I placed it very close to the camera,” he said.

“They were telling me to hold him so he would grow as I brought him closer to the camera.”

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