California border town unveils stimulus package for businesses hit by travel restrictions

SAN DIEGO (Report to the border) – San Ysidro’s slogan is “Trade Across Borders,” a philosophy that has been put to the test since the start of the pandemic and essential travel restrictions were put in place almost 17 years ago. month.

The restrictions limited the number of people who can cross the border for activities such as shopping. And, they have crippled border communities such as San Ysidro that depend on customers south of the border.

Nearly 200 companies have closed since the entry into force of the new border policy, according to the region’s chamber of commerce.

In order to minimize further economic decline, the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce says it is taking control of the fate of its members and “cannot begin to recover with the discriminatory border restrictions in place.”

The House says it has developed a stimulus package to use during the interim and when the restrictions are lifted.

It’s called “An Optimized, Simplified, Quantified and Embellished San Ysidro. “

Jason Wells is the Managing Director of the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce. (Salvador Rivera / Report on the border)

“We were only affected compared to anywhere else due to border restrictions,” said Jason Wells, chief executive of the chamber. “Along San Ysidro Boulevard, we know that 95% of our customers normally come from Mexico. We want to help diversify, so when things like border restrictions happen it doesn’t have as much of an impact. “

According to Wells, their plan will tackle four distinct areas to get businesses back in shape.

“We are going to optimize, create San Ysidro Boulevard with an Internet backbone, go to companies to see if their products are likely to be sold on the Internet. If so, we can show them which platforms to use, ”Wells said.

Another area he plans to tackle is the cleaning and beautification of streets.

“We’ve actually increased our street cleaning program. Our border arts community will block to block the beautification of San Ysidro Boulevard over the next year, ”he said. “We are bringing back our rickshaw industry to help people get around San Ysidro. We will have more green spaces to capture CO from the port of entry.

Wells says all they need now is for the restrictions to be lifted.

“We never thought our border would be used as a political pawn,” he says. “Unfortunately, this is what we are suffering from.”

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