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Emerald Lake in Carcross, Yukon. Photo by Mike Swasey.

Canada published the list of requirements you will have to meet before you can cross the border.

Skagwegians have been waiting for the day when they can cross the White Pass and enter Canada for about as long as border restrictions linked to the pandemic are in place. Well, that day will finally arrive on Monday August 9th.

Businesses in Carcross, the next town north of Canada’s Yukon Territory, are also traffic-ready in Skagway. Bonnie O’Conner, co-owner of the Matthew Watson General Store in downtown Carcross, said even though they are open on weekends, additional traffic would be welcome.

“You know the shelves have been dusted off, and we’ve got stuff to sell, and we’re ready,” O’Conner said.

To be admitted to Canada, U.S. citizens will need a negative Covid-19 molecular test within 72 hours of arriving at the border. In Skagway, the Dahl Memorial Clinic offers free rapid tests by appointment only. Skagway Traditional Council also offers free testing, but it may take several days to get the results.

In Haines, SEARHC offers a quick test for $ 145. The sliding scale fee structure would apply to all SEARHC patients, and insurance companies can cover testing as well, but it’s best to check your individual policy.

All travelers may be subject to a random rapid border test, which could add an additional 20 to 30 minutes of waiting time to the trip.

Once you have completed your tests, you will need to register with ArriveCAN. The application can be downloaded free of charge for smartphones via the website, it is also accessible through a web portal. However, beware of sites that ask for payment, there are several third party hoax sites that charge money. ArriveCAN is free.

Finally, make sure you have all travel documents with you, including a passport and vaccination card. The Canadian customs officer will need to verify these documents and your ArriveCAN status. The program will store your information and be accessible offline once all the information has been downloaded.

ArriveCAN gives you a 72 hour window before you arrive at the border to upload your information. Photos of your passport and vaccination card will be required.

Any falsified vaccination record will be punishable by a fine of $ 750,000 and up to six months imprisonment under the Quarantine Act.

Only fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed entry. The Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccines all meet the requirements.

Canadian officials say tour operators will be allowed to bring groups to Canada, if all group passengers follow the same regulations as individual passengers. But the logistics of getting everyone tested in advance seem daunting for local tour operator Billi Clem, owner of Klondike Tours.

“I have no idea how we’re going to do all of this testing,” Clem said.

In order to be properly prepared, all cruise ship passengers who wish to book travel to Canada should complete a test within 72 hours of arriving in Skagway, but it is not yet clear whether this can be done on board the ships. .

The return of American citizens to the United States will not change. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, all U.S. citizens entering Canada will be greeted at home in the United States upon their return.

But are Canadians vaccinated? They will be prohibited from crossing the US border for non-essential travel until at least August 21.

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