Consumer alert: How to plan that last-minute spring break trip without breaking the bank

I reminded you last weekend when over 10,000 flights were cancelled. If this debacle hasn’t deterred you from flying, a good website for finding cheap last minute flights is

Please remember that at this late date we need to be flexible. So on Momondo, I chose the “anywhere” option as my destination. After that, I’m taken to a map with the cheapest flights from Rochester to cities across the country.

I then tried flights from Syracuse and again chose anywhere as my destination. I found a real gem: round-trip tickets to Nashville for only $210. A few days in Music City for a few hundred dollars is a real find.

While website experts The dot guy say sites like Momondo are great for getting an idea of ​​what’s available, Melanie Lieberman, editor of The Points Guy Global Features, advises travelers to book directly with the source rather than using a third-party site.

She also advises procrastinating travelers to take a look at what that plastic in your wallet has to offer.

“If you are looking for credit card offers, you can go to your credit card website or credit card app and look for offers that may include cash back on certain purchases or additional bonus points” , Lieberman said. “One thing we talk about a lot at The Points Guy is looking for ways to make every trip a little more rewarding.” She says that by being aware of the benefits of your credit card, you can have a rewarding experience while taking advantage of the financial rewards of credit card programs.

So here’s Deanna’s to-do list for last-minute trips:

  • Be flexible
  • Depart Tuesday or Wednesday. You will save money.
  • Be prepared to take red eye.
  • Use your miles as well as these credit card rewards and bonuses.
  • Sign up for airline newsletters. I know it’s a pain to clutter up your inbox, but they often have flash deals that you’ll only find in the newsletter.
  • Follow the airlines on Twitter.

And don’t forget the train journeys. It’s often cheaper than last-minute plane tickets. When my eldest was little, I found train tickets to Chicago very cheap. At the time, my kid loved Thomas the Train, so the experience was magical.

You can create a great experience without dipping into the kids college fund.

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