Daily number of Covid-19 cases in US with Omicron “could exceed previous peaks,” CDC warns

New York, like many other parts of the country, is experiencing “a serious increased demand for testing“said Dr Neal Shipley, medical director of Northwell-GoHealth Urgent Care, adding that while they don’t run out of tests, they really do need” a bit of a break. ”

“Unfortunately, this looks a lot like last year, where the demand for testing and the surge is really straining the healthcare system,” he told CNN. “We don’t have a shortage of tests right now… What we really need is a little wiggle room.”

Asymptomatic people should consider having a home test if they can, he added.

“What we really want to do in emergency care is test the sick and the sick, and help distinguish those who have Covid from those who don’t… So what we need is is a bit of leeway, ”he said. .

Currently, the facility serves sick New Yorkers, who get tested because they’ve been exposed to the virus and those who get tested before a family visit for Christmas, according to Shipley.

“But this has given us challenges because the demand is very high,” he said. “The challenge right now is flu season too. There are a lot of other respiratory viruses out there… and they all look like Covid at first. Everyone has a cough. Everyone has a fever. . Everyone feels ugly. The challenge is to distinguish those of the Covid [patients] and provide these people with the care they need. ”

Shipley stressed the importance of vaccines, reminders, masking, social distancing and hand washing, which have been the expert guidelines for protection against Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.


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