Don’t Waste Your Money: Delta Variant Travel Plans

Just as we started traveling again, booking airline tickets, trips to Vegas, even cruises, the COVID delta variant started to spread. So what to do now?

Airports are bustling, hotels are booking and travel is back. But this return to normal travel is now threatened. Mask requirements are coming back. The United States has extended restrictions on the Canadian border and is urging travelers to avoid traveling to Spain, Portugal and many other countries.

Even in the United States, doctors suggest parents avoid taking unvaccinated children to crowded places or hot COVID areas. And from the file it stinks, book a vacation without travel insurance.

With so many unknowns right now, you may need to change your plan. Conde Naste Travel suggests purchasing “cancellation for any reason” insurance, otherwise you may not be able to get a refund from this hotel or resort. Doesn’t it stink?

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Fortunately, airlines still allow most travelers to change flights at a later date without penalty, mainly because they don’t want people traveling sick. Travel experts say go ahead and book it, but make sure you can get most of your money back if you need to cancel, so you don’t waste your money.

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