Expedia drops SeaWorld, ‘Swim with Dolphins’ ticket sales after PETA campaign

For immediate release:
November 5, 2021

David Perlé 202-483-7382

Seattle – After five years of dating and lobbying from PETA and hearing from hundreds of thousands of supporters of PETA, a local travel agency Expedia has stopped selling tickets to SeaWorld and “swimming with dolphins”, updating its wildlife policy to “prohibit activities that involve interactions or performances with dolphins, whales and other cetaceans”. The change comes just after PETA urged its supporters to flood Expedia Brands president Jon Gieselman with calls and messages.

“PETA applauds Expedia for officially rejecting the cruel swim encounters with dolphins and SeaWorld prisons,” said Tracy Reiman, executive vice president of PETA. “PETA urges people to take notice and do their part in refusing to support such animal exploitation operations. “

In “swim with” programs, dolphins are confined to sterile pools or makeshift lagoons, with no choice but to swim in endless circles. Many die prematurely due to the stressful conditions of captivity. In SeaWorld prisons, orcas are subjected to a life of deprivation, while other dolphins and whales are forcibly reared, sometimes after being drugged.

Dozens of companies, including Tripadvisor and Southwest Airlines, have stopped selling tickets to SeaWorld and other marine mammal parks. Other companies, such as Mastercard and Savings.com, ended ‘swim with dolphins’ promotions long ago after learning of the cruelty inherent in keeping sensitive and intelligent cetaceans in captivity.

PETA – whose motto says, in part, that “animals are not ours for entertainment” – opposes speciesism, a worldview of human supremacy. For more information, please visit SeaWorldOfHurt.com or follow PETA on Twitter, Facebook, Where Instagram.


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