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Filmus insulted by a passenger on his return trip and for flying first class in an American; ?? The UN sent the tickets ???

Monday, June 28, 2021 – 09:05 UTC

The video immediately went viral. Filmus was on his flight home from New York after attending C24 session

Argentina’s secretary for Malvinas and Antarctica was reprimanded and insulted upon returning from New York on a first-class American Airlines flight. The passenger recorded the incident on his cell phone which he then tweeted and immediately went viral.

The passenger is heard saying to Filmus: “Shame on you, you should fly at Aerolineas Argentinas and as a tourist, not here. You are s..t, and a member of the thieves gang who are slaughtering Argentina ??.

Filmus is surprised by the insults, takes off the headphones and replies: ?? I came to the United Nations, they send us the tickets … I think ??.

?? It doesn’t matter, but you sink us all, it’s been over a year and a half that I can’t work … you should be ashamed ??. Filmus quite uncomfortable with the recrimination simply replies that he understands the situation.

The passenger insists: “You have no idea what it means for a young person of my age to want to leave the country because of people like you, you are all a plague”.

Filmus insists on trying to answer and says to the passenger, “do we break our backs working out every day?”

The increasingly angry passenger continued: no, you don’t work, you fly like you and the gang have been doing for twelve years, and you intend to continue to do so. Because this is the country project that you have … the next time you get on a plane you should be ashamed … ??

?? No, you are not ashamed, why not fly with Aero Campora ??? (Campora is the political group of Maximo Kirchner).

But Filmus didn’t answer, put his headphones back on and read again.

After tweeting the video, the passenger admitted that he had gone a little too far … ?? but this gentleman makes me angry and annoys me. As with all the political class in Argentina. Maybe they paid for his trip, but not his family who were sitting a few rows behind ??.

However, back in Buenos Aires, the Filmus office pointed out that the official had traveled alone, without his family, to attend the United Nations session of the Special Committee on Decolonization. But the statement did not mention who paid for the first class ticket (hopefully not the UN).

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