For Mark-Anthony Kaye, Mother’s Day just means more

For Mark-Anthony Kaye, football has been his way of life since he was just a child. Today, he thinks the game has rubbed off even more on someone close to his heart: his mother.

“She was always my number one fan. Now I feel like she might actually love football more than me,” the Rapids midfielder said.

Kaye shares a special bond with his mother, Novelette, who raised him as a single parent in North Toronto. Whether he worked two jobs as a kid to help him play football or supported him at BMO Field when the Canadian national team qualified for the 2022 World Cup, the Kaye’s biggest supporter is all about his son’s dreams.

Since he was younger, Kaye has recognized the generous and selfless nature his mother carried with her, no matter how hard she already worked to ensure her own sons were taken care of. For Kaye, the naivety was bliss because he didn’t understand all the things his single mother did to make sure a roof was over their heads and there was food on the table every night.

What Novelette did for his kids became a way of life for the Rapids midfielder.

“We all have a job to be of service to people, and my mother was a living example of that,” he said. “She taught me a lot of things that I’m now trying to incorporate into my life. I have to live this very blessed life where I can wake up every day and play football, earn money, travel the world – What if it wasn’t for the sacrifices she made when I was older young, so who knows where I’ll be. So I try to thank her in everything I do today.

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