Four reasons to make an intimate river cruise your next travel experience

You may have sailed the high seas before, but have you been on a river expedition (the Singapore River doesn’t count)?

Unlike huge passenger cruises with stops usually limited to coastal destinations, river cruises let you explore the world’s most iconic waterways, docking frequently downtown so you can start exploring as soon as you step off. of the ship.

“River cruising allows you to access the heart of a destination in the same way as on a land excursion. You will also be able to visit some of the most beautiful cities in the world accessible only by a smaller vessel,” said M Henry Yu, Asia Managing Director of specialist in luxury river cruises Uniworld Boutique River Cruise.

Think of a river cruise as a floating boutique hotel—after check-in, there’s no immigration or border crossings to worry about, and you only need to unpack once. Plus, given its smaller capacity, a river cruise offers a more relaxed travel experience, as you won’t have to deal with crowds and long wait times.

Need more reasons? Here’s why embarking on a Uniworld river cruise just might be the best way to start 2023.


Uniworld’s itineraries cover various destinations across Europe, so there’s something for everyone. If your idea of ​​the perfect vacation is to marvel at ornate basilicas, picturesque canals and Italy’s most colorful houses, then hop aboard the Venice and the jewels of Veneto cruise. This eight-day trip to northern Italy also stops at the UNESCO-listed Veneto towns of Vincenza and Padua.

Another eight-day stay to consider is the Castles along the Rhine travel from Basel to Amsterdam, where you can visit historic fortresses, medieval castles and fairytale towns. Of course, sampling some of the best Riesling wines the region has to offer is also in order.

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