Gary’s Calumet Area Senior All-Star Team Heading to State Championship, 4 Little League World Series Wins

GARY, Ind. (WLS) – There was a strong start Wednesday for two youth sports teams that bring a lot of hope to Gary, Indiana.

The latest Little League in Gary, Indiana sends two teams to the state tournament this weekend: a 14-16 year old senior baseball team and a softball team as well. A victory in this tournament would send the boys to the Little League World Series.

“Our boys are excited, the parents are excited,” said Yolanda Williams, parent of Jaden Williams # 7. “It’s a historic event for us and we’re just ready to go represent Gary, Indiana.”

There were a few hurdles to get to this point. Teams needed help with travel costs to get to the tournament. The community therefore mobilized by making a donation of nearly $ 10,000.

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“For the town of Gary, this means yet another example of showing the character of the people who live here,” said Mayor Jerome Prince. “These kids worked really, really hard.”

“It’s a great experience, I’ve personally never experienced this and it’s so good to know that my community is behind me,” said softball player Caitlyn Walker.

These teenagers have played the sport their entire lives with the dream of participating in the state tournament. And the timing is even more special because of what Gary and the rest of the country have fought for the past year and a half – surviving a pandemic and fighting for social justice.

“It means a lot,” utility player Kyle Ezell said. “For us to be a predominantly African American team, it highlights different things that have happened.”

Now these boys and girls have a weekend to raise Gary and shed some light on their hometown.

The softball team will leave later this week, but the boys’ team is now on their way to Greenwood with their first game of the tournament scheduled for Thursday. Four wins bring them to the Little League World Series.

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