Google Maps trick shows your house (or any other place) from years ago

Your phone’s built-in GPS can do more than get you from point A to point B. It can act as a tourist guide to a new city or show you the best restaurants nearby, according to user reviews.

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For a long time, you could use Google Maps in a browser to see what your house or some other place looked like in the past. And while it’s cool, it’s a bit of a pain. It’s a lot easier now, thanks to an upgrade to Google Maps that lets you do it in the app on your phone. We’ll show you how.

Street View celebrates its 15th anniversary

Street View was launched 15 years ago to map the world from a 360 degree perspective. According to a Google blog post, there are now over 220 billion Street View images from over 100 countries and territories.

Google has unveiled a new Street View camera that’s lighter, smaller, more customizable (to better pick up details like lane markings and potholes) and can be mounted on any vehicle with a roof rack. This replaces an entire Street View vehicle.

Google also makes it easy to time travel from your smartphone. You can use Google Maps on Android or iOS to see a location dating back to 2007 when Street View launched.

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Time travel on the go

Here’s how to view a location from a past date. (REMARK: not all locations have been updated with new images over the years, so you may not see historic sights everywhere.)

  • Open the Google Maps app and search for a location or drop a pin on the map.
  • At the bottom, tap the location’s name or address.
  • Scroll and select the tagged photo View from the street or select the thumbnail with a Street view icon.
  • When viewing a location in Street View, tap anywhere on the image, then tap See more dates.

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