#GreenMeansGo: Welcome to Tourism Week 2022

Our industry once again has the green light to regain its top spot as a contributor to GDP and a creator of quality of life for the residents of British Columbia. We welcome everyone to Tourism Week 2022 with one message: #GreenMeansGo! (Okay, let’s call it two… we also want to share that #BCTourism Counts.)

Tourism remains vital to British Columbia, not only for its ability to generate tremendous economic activity, but also for providing social, cultural and environmental benefits and for showcasing our values ​​as a province. Tourism collectively points to destination stewardship goals, with sustainability, reconciliation, diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility embedded into the BC travel experience. And it’s not just the benefits of tourism…it’s the reasons people from BC, across Canada and around the world come to visit BC.

#GreenMeansGo’s message is to let everyone know that we are going back to the skies, the waves and the open road (again and again) and to reinvigorate our lives, our culture and our businesses through a return to an industry and a dynamic tourist economy. It’s about remembering what we love about our home, how proud we are to share what it means to us, and how we encourage others to come and experience it for themselves.

So how does #GreenMeansGo work? Here is an example. For residents and visitors, Stanley Park is known for its seawall, beaches and forest trails, a reconnection to nature and the beauty of life. Let’s imagine it green canopy of Stanley Park, one of British Columbia’s most beloved places. To those who visit, Stanley Park means a breath of fresh air, a satisfying meal overlooking the water, an inspiring story from a First Nations guide, or a beautiful, soothing sunset. It provides recreation and promotes well-being. This is why we go the! Stanley Park receives 8 million visitors a year, and given the economic impact of these visitors, we know that these visitors also contribute to the economy.

This year, Destination BC along with destinations, points of interest, attractions, venues and hotels across British Columbia will light up green from May 29 to June 4 as part of a national #GreenMeansGo campaign. aimed at raising public awareness of the economic, social and social benefits of the tourism industry. and cultural significance in Canada. We invite you to join us in welcoming the world with green lights, meaningful engagement, and most importantly…a desire to GO!

The 2022 Tourism Week Industry Toolkit provides information and resources for BC’s tourism industry. Celebrate using the toolkit! Available here.

Fast facts:

  • British Columbia’s tourism industry generated $22.3 billion in revenue in 2019, an increase of 5.8% from 2018 and 67.8% from 2009.
  • In 2019, British Columbia’s tourism industry employed 130,300 people. This means that tourism provided employment for about 1 in 16 employed people in the province.
  • In 2019, tourism contributed more to GDP than any other primary resource industry. (Tourism: $7.4 billion, mining: $5.0 billion, oil and gas: $4.8 billion, forestry and logging: $1.6 billion, and agriculture and fishing: $3.3 billion.)
  • Tourism has been a key economic driver and one of British Columbia’s competitive forces in the global economy.
  • Tourism strengthens international perceptions of British Columbia, which has positive effects on trade and investment, international education and immigration.
  • Most tourism businesses buy goods locally, hire locally, and keep profits locally. The economic impact is and will remain significant.

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