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by netflix Hit and run is not returning for a season 2.

Although the Israeli-American thriller was well received by critics and audiences, the streaming service canceled the series in part because of its high cost of production. Filmed in New York and Israel, Hit & RunThe nine-episode Season 1 took three years to produce due to the COVID-related industry shutdown that took place in the first year of the coronavirus pandemic.

Hit and run also didn’t seem to attract enough viewers to merit a second edition. After its Netflix premiere on August 6, the series managed to break into Nielsen’s Top 10 Streaming the following week at No.8. This was the only time it appeared on the Global Weekly Chart, however, that Netflix originals like. External banks and Virgin river recently overcome.

Created by Lior Raz and Avi Issacharoff of Netflix Fauda as well as Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin from Amazon Prime Video Z: The beginning of everything, Hit and run focuses on Segev Azulai (Raz), a tour guide who leads a happy life in Tel Aviv with his young daughter (Neta Orbach) and new American wife Danielle (Kaelen Ohm). But when Danielle is killed in a mysterious hit and run on the day she was due to return to New York City for a visit, Segev suspects it may not have been an accident.

Grieved and confused, Segev searches for his wife’s murderers, who have fled to the United States. With the help of his Israeli police cousin (Moran Rosenblatt), an old friend (Gal Toren) and an American ex-lover) who is a savvy investigative journalist, Segev uncovers some disturbing truths about his wife. -loved and the secrets she hid from him.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter last August, Prestwich revealed that it was Netflix that ultimately decided to wrap up. Hit and runThe first year of racing with a cliffhanger end. And since the fate of the series hadn’t been finalized at that point, it seemed like the streamer’s choice for a cliffhanger ending gave the creators false hopes that the series would return for another season.

“We pitched our idea for the cliffhanger very early on,” Prestwich told the outlet. “Then breaking the story and by the time we knew what the whole season was going to be, and we went in and featured it on Netflix, we were undecided. We thought, maybe we didn’t. won’t make that choice. But Netflix missed it and said, “We want this.” So it was like, ‘Okay, we’ll be back!’ We’re very excited, we really feel like the show needs at least one more season.

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