Hit the bullseye with a trip to Robin Hood’s Nottingham with a castle and secret tunnels

BASED outside the traditional pub, we eagerly await our guide.

Suddenly a blaring car horn interrupts our whispers and we turn to see a figure clad in leather and holding a string of arrows.


Nottingham has a captivating history for visitors to exploreCredit: Shutterstock

Ezekial Bone has been running the award-winning Robin Hood Town Tour since 2012 and there’s not a single piece of Nottingham he doesn’t know inside out.

Whether it shows you underground caves hidden beneath certain buildings in the city or tells you where drunks of the past are said to have peed, this tour is sure to be an eye opener.

Especially because the real Robin Hood story is nothing like the Disney cartoon version. But it’s just as fun.

This historic town was once the home of folk legend and much of its history is dotted in the streets and at famous landmarks.

The tour is ideal for children but it is the adults who can make the most of the final destination, Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem, reputed to be the oldest inn in England.

Rather than accepting a tip and heading off with his merry men, ‘Robin’ will join you for a pint, answering anything you want to know about the town, whether it’s where to dine or what activities there are to do. near.

secret tunnels

When you’re done learning how Robin took from the rich to give to the poor, there’s plenty more history to bite into.

The most famous and beautiful attraction, Nottingham Castle, is right in the city center and close to all the shops and restaurants.

Fresh from its £30million restoration, the exterior of the building is a sight to behold in itself. But it’s the inside that’s really magical.

Book a 25-minute tour of the grotto, where you’ll be guided through secret tunnels, retracing the steps of the royals who called them home.

Or, if you’re more of a culture buff, the castle regularly hosts exhibitions and installations, the most recent of which involved local fashion designer Paul Smith.

After a busy day, which included a visit to the National Justice Museum where we grimaced at tales of past prisoners, we were grateful to have a cup of tea at Bromley House Library, near the Old Market Square.

It’s a nice place to relax with a cup of tea and a good book. Varnished wooden shelves are filled with historical works as well as modern fiction and there’s even a Narnia wardrobe in the fun kids’ section.

If you really want to surprise the little ones, head to Wollaton Hall, a spectacular mansion and deer park located in the beautiful suburbs of the city.

Towering above the Elizabethan building, you’ll find Titus, a massive T-Rex whose bestial skeleton is the first of its kind to be displayed in England for over a century.

As voracious as the dinosaur itself, we nabbed a table at Annie’s Burger Shack, where the loaded burgers are wacky, but undeniably delicious.

There’s a patty topped with peanut butter and even a full roast dinner burger, loaded with roast chicken, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, mini roast potatoes and topped with gravy.

For something a little more traditional, head to Jospehine’s, a tea room where you can step back in time to the sound of Glenn Miller and a decadent afternoon tea that will have you waddling to your hotel room.

Need a nightcap? The Hockley Arts Club in the vibrant independent district of Nottingham serves cocktails to rival the magnificent creations of Willy Wonka.

And believe me, sipping a strong drink decorated with a Twister lollipop is just the ticket after a full day of exploring.

Nottingham Castle recently underwent a £30million restoration


Nottingham Castle recently underwent a £30million restorationCredit: Shutterstock
Tour guides can help you discover Nottingham's rich history


Tour guides can help you discover Nottingham’s rich historyCredit: Shutterstock
Be sure to grab a pint in England's oldest pub


Be sure to grab a pint in England’s oldest pubCredit: Sun Travel

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