Indians with conditional authorized tourist visas in UAE

UAE issued new conditions to allow Indians to enter

NEW DELHI: Indian citizens will now be allowed to visit the UAE on tourist visas if they have not been to India in the past 14 days, according to low-cost Dubai-based carrier flydubai. Visitors will need to follow all other pandemic requirements.
“Passengers with Indian, Nepalese, Nigerian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan or Ugandan passports with tourist visas can be accepted if they have NOT entered or have NOT been in India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, in Sri Lanka or Uganda within the previous 14 days. The PCR requirements will be based on the country of departure, ”the flydubai website states.
The UAE has slowly opened up to Indians after imposing restrictions on travelers by the end of April at the height of the deadly second wave of Covid. In recent weeks, it has gradually allowed more categories of Indian visitors. However, since entry rules change frequently during Covid, visitors should check the latest regulations before planning a trip on these days.
Indian citizens holding a valid US visa / green card or having a UK / EU residence are now eligible for a UAE visa on arrival. Visitors will need to meet all pandemic time requirements for travel.
Since the beginning of the month, it has allowed holders of valid residence permits who obtained the two jabs in the United Arab Emirates to return from India and five other countries. Regardless of their immunization status, it has licensed healthcare workers like doctors, nurses and technicians employed in UAE; students and people working in the UAE education sector; humanitarian cases with a valid residence permit and those working in government agencies there, to return to the UAE from India.
The United Arab Emirates is the largest overseas destination for Indians.


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