Inflation is forcing Americans to change their diets and is ‘eroding the comfort level’ Americans have about their cash savings

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Inflation ‘erodes Americans’ comfort level’ about their cash savings

Americans are better off than a year ago with their emergency savings, but they’re feeling uneasy. Read more

If your financial advisor works with a team of experts, here are some pros and cons

It is increasingly difficult these days for a single person to possess all the cutting-edge expertise required for comprehensive financial planning. Read more

Inflation forces Americans to change their diet: “We make vegetable soup”

The rising cost of living has prompted people to reduce their meat consumption and eat less in restaurants. Read more

Tips for increasing the range of electric vehicles, especially in hot weather

Hot weather can have a significant impact on electric vehicle range. Here are six tips to follow to ensure you get the most out of your EV when the mercury rises. Read more

The 2022 Honda CR-V or the 2022 Subaru Forester: which is better?

The trusty Honda CR-V and the more robust Subaru Forester are both excellent choices in this category. See how they compare. Read more

“Not all companies are honest about what they do with recyclables.” These refills offer better ways for people to reduce their plastic use.

A refill market in Nashville has become a local favorite, selling refills of kitchen, laundry, body care, skin and hair products. Read more

What do you know about credit cards? Try this quiz, it can help you save money.

If you don’t know what actions you can take with credit cards, you could lose money. Test your knowledge here. Read more

What’s the penalty for withdrawing early from the IRA – and what are the 10 exceptions that allow you to withdraw money early without penalty?

People in need of cash may be tempted to dip into an IRA, but this should be a last resort. Read more

Millions could lose health coverage if premium subsidies expire later this year, officials say

Without the tax credits provided by the American Rescue Plan, market coverage costs for many consumers would skyrocket Read More

Even bosses are burning out – nearly 70% of C-suite executives are ‘seriously considering quitting’ for their own wellbeing

The big resignation is coming to the boardroom, survey finds Read more

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