Intensive ticket checks are carried out on local and express trains to catch passengers without tickets

In order to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey and better services to all bona fide passengers on Western Railway, intensive ticket checks are carried out continuously on local Mumbai suburban services, express trains as well as trains passenger trains and special holiday trains to reduce the threat of ticketless/irregular passengers. The highly motivated Ticket Verification Team under the supervision of the Senior Commercial Officers of Western Railway organized several ticket verification campaigns during the period April to September 2022, thereby recovering an amount in the region of Rs. 97.17 crore.

According to Sumit Thakur, Public Relations Manager of Western Railway, as of September 2022, an amount of Rs. 9.99 crores has been recovered through the detection of 1.59 lakh unticketed/irregular passengers including luggage not reserved. It is pertinent to mention that in the fiscal year 2022-23, a total of 14.39 lakh unticketed/irregular passengers and unbooked baggage were detected, compared to 4.79 lakh cases detected during the last corresponding period, an increase of more than 200%. . Fine of Rs. 97.17 crores was recovered from these passengers, representing an increase of 295% from the corresponding period of last year which was Rs. 24.60 crores.

To prevent unauthorized entry on local AC trains, frequent surprise ticket checks are carried out. As a result of these trainings, approximately 16,000 unauthorized passengers have been sanctioned since April 2022.

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