Iowa’s best friends use annual road trip to generously tip restaurant servers

WINTER LAYER, Iowa (KCCI) – Two Iowa women are on a mission to give back on a road trip.

Brandy Macumber and Tamara Bane are Winterset’s best friends, and every summer they go on a road trip together.

They stop in towns and take pictures of different statues and historical sites.

This year’s trip marks the duo’s fourth “BFF Road Trip,” as they call it.

However, this year they are trying something new. They offer huge tips to their servers when they stop by the restaurant for dinner, the money coming from their Venmo @youcantbeserious.

“We thought: let’s kick things off on our road trip and open an account and see what happens,” Bane said.

The duo documents everything on their Facebook page, Can’t be serious? And their Venmo is displayed there.

“We just thought it was going to be family and friends,” Macumber said. “We started the Facebook page because we didn’t want to annoy people on our regular Facebook page and we have about 1,200 followers or something and I think we still can’t believe it.”

They return to Iowa on Monday. Any money they have left is spent on acts of kindness in their community.

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