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Local News Posted 26/10/2021 18:32, Last updated 26/10/2021 21:32

Marshfield – Turtle shell bells, a jabberwocky and laughs: all common sightings at Jurustic Park near Marshfield.

Clyde Wynia created these sculptures, but he will say he just dug them up.

“We’re in the middle of Jurustic Park, which is a collection of sculptures that were made from creatures that inhabited the swamp during the Iron Age,” Wynia said.

Twenty-eight years ago, Wynia soldered her first coin. The more sculptures he made, the more people visited.

“After that people started coming, so it blew up on us,” Wynia said. “Now we have hundreds of pieces here that I dug out of the swamp and welded together.”

Wynia says he averages over a dozen visits per day and 15,000 visitors per year. Last year he met people from 34 different countries and as far away as Kazakhstan.

“You meet these people, and you do little tours around the world. What a wonderful experience it is,” said Wynia.

Even though Wynia says he’s only 80, at some point he’ll hang up his guide hat.

Visit Marshfield has announced that the future home of Jurustic Park will be in the city, with a proposed location for Wildwood Park. But for now, Wynia will be making the tours, insisting that these sculptures aren’t sculptures at all, just prehistoric creatures he unearthed.

“I never smile when I show people because then nobody takes me seriously,” Wynia said. “I don’t think it’s about the humor, it’s trying to get people to believe me.”

If you would like to visit Jurustic Park at its current location on Old Sugar Bush Lane, it is open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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