Kharsawan Shaheel Sthal will be developed as a tourist destination: Jharkhand CM

Government allocates Rs 16 Cr for beautification, martyrs to get job reservation

Seraikela, January 1: Chief Minister Hemant Soren has announced that he will make Kharsawan shaheed sthal a world-class tourist destination with an estimated budget of Rs 16 crore.
Hemant Soren arrived in Kharsawan on Saturday and paid homage in a traditional way to the program held in memory of the martyrs of the Kharsawan shooting of January 1, 1948.
Speaking to the media after paying tribute, Hemant Soren said that in the coming days, initiatives will be taken to make Kharsawan Shaheed Sthal a world-class tourist destination.

Under which many infrastructures and facilities will be increased. A high-tech display system will be installed to display the history of Kharsawan Shaheed Sthal for the information of people coming here, as well as a multi-purpose building on lines similar to Jallianwala Bagh and other martyr places. There will also be a lot of development work.

Much work has been done by the district administration for beautification and convenience inside Kharsawan Shaheed Park with corporate social responsibility funds. But this Shaheed Park is often closed after the January 1 program. This happens in the absence of a maintenance committee and in the absence of an allocation of money for maintenance. But now a committee has been formed for the management of this Shaheed Park which includes MPs, MPs, members of various political parties, martyr’s family members and priests who worship here as Pahan have been kept in the committee. .
Shaheed Park will now be maintained by this management committee and will be open to the public after the January 1, 2022 program. throughout the year. And will be able to know the story of the martyr. For this, a certain amount will also be charged to the public as an entrance fee. However, the amount to be withdrawn has not yet been decided.

Between 73 years after the Kharsawan shooting incident on January 1, 1948, work has been done to restore the facilities and beautification of Shaheed Park, but so far only two martyrs have achieved respect. So far, the government has not been able to identify most of the martyrs. One lakh rupee was given to Bitturam Soy, dependent of martyr Dole Soy and Nandu Bodra, dependent of martyr Singrai Bodra.
Asked about it, Hemant Soren said that for 20 years after Jharkhand’s formation, cheating was done in the name of marking the martyrs. But now his government has made the commission more effective in identifying martyrs and agitators. Under which the work of honoring martyrs and agitators will be done. He said his government has started work to give 5 percent horizontal employment reserve to martyred families.

The Chief Minister was accompanied by Minister of Tribal Welfare Champai Soren, Minister of Health Banna Gupta, Minister of Welfare Joba Manjhi and all JMM MPs from Kolhan, as well as MP from Singhbhum Geeta Koda and her husband, former Chief Minister Madhu Koda.

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