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All photos from Travis Failey Photography

Sebastian Bach made his triumphant post-covid return to Hard Rock Live in Orlando on Sunday night and one thing was particularly evident, Sebastian was in high spirits and his performance reflected that.

With a nearly packed house with seats and general admission up for grabs, KALEIDO opened the show quickly at 7.45am and played a bit of an extended set for a band most spectators didn’t know.

KALEIDO, which was found by Sebastian Bach watching YouTube is out of Detroit and has a long list of accolades including being named Outstanding Alt / Indie / Punk Artist at the 2019 Detroit Music Awards. They were named Best Detroit Band by Real Detroit Weekly in 2013 and 2014 and won two Detroit Music Awards in 2015 for “Outstanding Rock / Pop Group” and “Outstanding Rock Recording” for their second independent EP. Unbreakable. KALEIDO was nominated again in 2017 for his album To live and won the “Outstanding Heavy Rock Group” award.

They are a group of four and are led by an amazing singer and singer in Christina chriss who dominated the stage by his presence and his vocal register. She smoothly went from a clear voice to a dirtier, sharper sound and when she needed to trigger a monster scream or growl, Christina did so without the use of tech or a pitch. shifter. The group opened with “Die trying” who caught the attention of the crowd and moved quickly through their set of ten songs which also included “My fire” and a short drum solo on the song “Goose bumps” by their drummer Joey Fava. Bass player Cody Morales Not only did Fava provide a solid rhythm section counterpart, but was also an Energizer bunny moving across the stage.

By the time their set was almost over, the fans in their seats were now standing and cheering. KALEIDOthe performance of. One of the highlights of their set was the aptly named finale for the time, “Panic in the event of a pandemic”, on which are written Sirius X / M and a terrestrial radio. It will be interesting to see if they enter the festival circuit for 2022, as it is just around the corner. I know they brought in new fans to the show and the festival circuit could really provide them with a huge spark and move them forward in the future.

One thing I would suggest to them though is to play a cover that older audiences would be familiar with on this tour with Sebastian.

As the gear shift on stage ended, JUDAS PRIEST‘s “Rapid fire” exploded in the PA system and knowing how much Sebastian loves PRIEST, we knew he was going on stage after “Rapid fire” concluded.

The opening notes of “Slave to the grind” hit the crowd like a wrecking ball and they were ready for Sebastian. Well, Sebastian was a little too ready and on fire as the timing of the group and he was a bit off where Sebastian apologized to the crowd and welcomed everyone to the show. He even said he was too excited and then said he was the evening tour guide or the ship’s captain for tonight’s cruise until the 30th anniversary of Grinding slave.

Sebastian also said that if they only did Slaving away, the show would be over in 40 minutes so we would have more songs added to the mix and that Slaving away would not be played in the order that is on the LP.

After the “threat” Sebastian, accompanied by a crazy drummer Bobby jarzombek, bass player Rob De Luca and a magician on the guitar in Brent Wood has released a fan favorite since its debut TROUBLESHOOTING ROW album in “Big guns”. The ladies in the crowd displayed their personal weapons to the delight of the men in the crowd and Sebastian himself had the smile of a Cheshire cat.

They followed up with one of my personal favorites in “Sweet little sister”, then plunged back into the songs Slaving away with “Jesus of the quicksand”. Sebastian shone like the rockstar he is across the dimly lit stage at this point as his voice swept through the crowd and bounced off the back of the Hard Rock. Even with age, Sebastian is still one of the best singers in the world.

As the set progressed Sebastian had to catch his breath a few times but damn it even young males would have to if they sang songs like “Horror show” and “Mud blow”.

Sebastian was also the comedian chanting F ## K Covid and talking about all we had to worry about in the 80s was crabs and made a little rant about them ending in F ## k 2020 F # #k Covid & F ## k crabs.

After “Living on a chain gang” what Sebastian said was such a hard song to sing at 23 and extremely hard at 53 he was wondering how the heck Mick jagger still does at 78. As I mentioned earlier, Sebastian was in a good mood all night and engaged with the crowd throughout.

He also raised the Abbott brothers from PANTERA and stated that ““In a dark room” was Dimebag’s favorite TROUBLESHOOTING ROW song and he both missed them. “

Sebastian also broke out on MTV and how they no longer play videos and talked about it MOTLEY, KISS and GNI and their videos while the band played their songs. Sebastian joined them on an abridged version of “Welcome to the jungle” and killed him.

The group continued with “Wasted time” then “Monkey business” and went to RUSH‘s “Tom Sawyer” it’s clear. Prior to “I remember you”, Sebastian paid tribute to the musicians we have lost over the past year Eddie Van Halen, his friend Alexi laiho of BODOM CHILDREN and Paul Stanleyis the father who has just passed away at the age of 101.

As their set ended, everyone knows that a Sebastian Bach the show isn’t complete without the first single ever released. As Bas tapped on his tattoo, the crowd knew what was to come and shouted “Youth gone wild” in unison. The band crushed him completely and was a highlight of the evening. But as you thought the party was over, Sebastian asked the crowd if they had done all the songs. Slaving away, and they responded with a resounding “No”. Well, Sebastian said that might not be appropriate and joked before slamming a final version of “Fuck yourself”.

Once again, Sebastian Bach has shown that even at 53 he is one of the best frontmen of all time. He was so happy to be performing on stage again and his energy and attitude was infectious.

I know most reviews will always conclude with ‘this is a must visit’, but if you are a fan of Sebastian and / or TROUBLESHOOTING ROW and you miss it, you might need to get some “Psychotherapy”.

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List of sets:

  • “Slave to the grind”
  • “The threat”
  • “The big guns”
  • “Sweet little sister”
  • “Jesus of the quicksand”
  • “Psyche of love”
  • “Beggar’s Day”
  • “18 and life”
  • “Living on a chain gang”
  • “Anti riot law”
  • “In a dark room”
  • “Horror show”
  • “Mud blow”
  • “Wasted time”
  • “Monkey business”
  • “I remember you”
  • “Wild youth”
  • “Fuck yourself”

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All photos from Travis Failey Photography

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