Latest travel news: Tour operator offers vacationers free Covid tests in industry first


Julia Lo Bue-Said, CEO of Advantage Travel Partnership, urged the government to take a “holistic” approach to any traffic light changes rather than simply tweaking the current “broken frame”.

She criticizes “meaningless testing” for fully vaccinated returning travelers and “inhumane” hotel quarantine system

Read his full quote below.

Any plan to remove the traffic light system must be done in a way that takes a holistic view of the process and not just putting a sticky bandage over the current broken frame. Costly and meaningless testing for fully vaccinated travelers must end, as must the inhumane confinement of travelers quarantined at the hotel, and replaced with self-isolation at the final destination.

If ministers are to develop a new system, they must first take a close look at the data which clearly shows that the positivity rate of international travel was three times lower than that of the UK. [since May] then think about where the risk lies.

Travelers are forced to pay for expensive PCR tests which are disproportionate to the risk, especially in green and amber countries where no very high or high priority VOCs / VUIs have been imported in the last 3 weeks of data available.

As all other economic backdrops on the National Roadmap are now fully open and the government is unwilling to extend the leave or offer dedicated support, the government has a duty to the British public, the travel industry and the millions of employees in the sector to now do the right thing and stop this chaotic system which is of no demonstrable benefit to public health.


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