Launching a Digital Travel Marketplace to Boost Tourism

Dubbed: “Safari Wallet” by Safari Wallet Tanzania, the digital marketplace not only offers stress-free vacations to local and foreign tourists, but also a platform to be used by tour operators, hotel owners and travel agents. journey to extend their services to end consumers. .

Speaking at the digital space launch event held in Dar es Salaam yesterday, Safari Wallet Tanzania co-founder Iddy John said he is guaranteeing travel bookings by deferred payments.

“We are calling on the general public, especially low-income people, to use the digital platform to plan their trips by clearing their payments in installments. Let’s say someone planning to go on holiday to Serengeti National Park in December can start making their payments today,” Iddy said.

The digital platform to promote tourism is launching ahead of Innovation Week 2022, which is due to start on May 16 next week.

“We hope the platform will enable at least eight million lower and middle class Tanzanians who have potential to travel to pay for their future trips. However, the platform will enable at least 26 million intra-African tourists to plan and pay in installments for their holidays,” said Iddy.

According to him, the tour service company has already established a good network with 16 local tour guide companies and another 58 are about to enter into collaboration agreements. On the other hand, about 19 companies in the region and around the world plan to collaborate with the company to offer its services.

The platform was created and set up thanks to the support of the Dutch.

The Netherlands Deputy Head of Mission in Tanzania, Job Runhaar, said the power of innovation provides solutions to challenges faced by the general public.

“The Netherlands is ready to work with the private sector in Tanzania and the government to promote and fund innovative technologies in the start-up and FinTech sectors,” Runhaar said.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Director of Government Communication Unit, Ambassador Mindi Kasiga, who graced the launch of the digital market space, said the ministry is keen to coordinate the young FinTech and Start-up innovators in exploring opportunities in the region and the global digital market.

“The ministry has solicited large corporations and companies from around the world to come and invest and delegate other tasks to small growing local businesses, including FinTechs and Start-ups. We are also working closely with the private sector to make sure everything goes well with innovative start-ups,” Kasiga said.

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