Lee’s Ensembles Return on Tour – Lee Clarion


After a year of cancellations due to COVID-19 precautions, many Lee sets are preparing to travel again.

Although events were banned last year, the ensembles have intentionally built their community by welcoming new members. As the schedules align with familiar roles and events, focusing on the community has become an important factor in preparing for the fall tour.

Lee’s Symphonic Band is preparing for its longest tour of the semester. Student conductor Christian Davis is focused on community building as the fall break approaches.

“The fall tour is our biggest tour of the semester. We travel about twice a month to different churches for Sunday services, but the fall tour is the highlight of our tour semester, ”Davis said.

In anticipation of the fall tour, Drake Skipworth, vice president of Symphonic Band, is focused on keeping members connected. While being prepared implies that the group adapts to changing schedules, it also means being open to communication.

“We are preparing for our ministry this semester by coming together as a community. Over the past year, it has been difficult to get to know people on a deeper, emotional and spiritual level. Now that things are back to normal, it’s different, and the most important thing for Symphonic Band, which greatly benefits our great ministry, is our community aspect. Community is very important to our group, ”Skipworth said.

Symphonic Band organizes retreats to develop the skills and faith of the members.

“It’s interesting, because in a way I have two freshman classes, because the freshmen last year never really went through that,” said Dr. Mark Bailey, director of Symphonic Band.

During the tour, the group hope their service shows their community and faith.

“Another important thing is the community that has grown through our prayer and devotion, and the way we worship and pray together,” Bailey said. “I said a prayer to all new students – I do this every year – for God to lead them. It’s a pretty powerful experience… I know all the other ministerial sets have this kind of way of doing things. And it gives a strong sense of community to all the students who are part of these ensembles. “

As the preparation for the tour brings new opportunities, Ladies of Lee members are now faced with a busy schedule.


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