Mexico is the best destination wedding venue, planners say

  • During the pandemic, Mexico exploded in popularity as a destination wedding haven.
  • Loose restrictions from COVID-19, the country’s natural beauty and amenities have boosted demand for weddings.
  • However, Mexico faces a vaccine shortage and has faced an increase in the number of cases this summer.

With dreamy white sand beaches, turquoise blue water, and most importantly – lax COVID-19 restrictions – Mexico has become the most coveted country for destination weddings during the pandemic.

“You can’t book a wedding in Mexico, even in 2022, unless you want to do a weekday,” Alison Laesser-Keck, the owner of Alison Bryan Destinations, Insider said.

As other countries have tightened their borders and imposed strict restrictions on gatherings, Mexico’s lenient – and widely criticized – response to the pandemic has propelled it into popularity as a premier destination for weddings. Travelers can come and go from Mexico without showing a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination, and in many states there are few rules limiting the size of large gatherings.

“This is where everyone pivoted because they couldn’t go to Europe,” Laesser-Keck said. “Mexico exploded in people’s minds as an option.”

Mexico has also ousted some European and Caribbean countries as a destination for weddings, as European countries are often faster to impose restrictions on large gatherings when COVID-19 cases increase, and some Caribbean countries have put time to get out of blockages, Heather Allen, the co-founder of Table 6 Productions, noted.

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A beach wedding in Mexico.

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“It’s the best destination to have a wedding, if you want it to look like 2019 again,” Allen told Insider. “The weddings I have performed in Mexico in 2020 and 2021 have seemed safe and normal to me.”

However, Mexico is not yet free from the virus. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention rated Mexico as a country at high risk for travel in terms of COVID-19, listing the country at “Level 3: high risk”. The country has the fourth highest death toll from COVID-19 in the world, and only 39% of the Mexican population is fully vaccinated against COVID-19

With vaccination rates lagging behind other countries in Latin America, the Delta variant has raged in popular vacation spots like Cabo San Lucas and Cancun over the summer, where the virus has grown so severe. that hospitals had to add more beds and the The Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun has blocked two floors for guests showing symptoms of COVID-19, Bloomberg reported.

Despite the coronavirus outbreaks, the country’s natural beauty, nonstop flights from major US cities, and affordable prices continue to propel demand for destination weddings in Mexico, Mindy Weiss, the owner of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants, noted.

“Mexico is extremely popular because it offers a resort atmosphere, friendly people wherever you go, delicious food and unlike in previous years they have everything you need in every city when it comes to vacation rentals. furniture, tableware, decor and more, ”she said. Insider said. “And the minute you hear those mariachis, you’re ready to celebrate.”

Wedding planners also told Insider that the number of luxury venues and hotels has increased to meet growing demand.

“Couples have always loved destination weddings in Mexico and now they love it even more,” Allen said.

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