Michigan basketball will travel to France and Greece in August

Shortly after the Michigan football team toured the state as part of coach Jim Harbaugh’s continued fondness for summer travel, the basketball program will cross the pond for a journey of its own.

Michigan basketball coach Juwan Howard is taking his players to Europe in mid-August for three exhibition games at three locations in France and Greece. The overseas tour, which was announced by the program on Friday afternoon, will include visits to Paris, Athens and Mykonos (in Greece). Details regarding dates and opponents have yet to be announced.

By organizing a trip abroad, Howard is following in the footsteps of his predecessor, John Beilein, who took UM overseas on several occasions. The Wolverines traveled to Spain in 2018, Italy in 2014 and Belgium in 2010 for the chance to hold additional practices – a maximum of 10, under NCAA rules – and rekindle the chemistry of the team before the regular season.

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The addition of a summer tour means Michigan will visit Europe twice in the space of four months. The Wolverines are also set to face Kentucky in London on December 4 as part of the Basketball Hall of Fame London Showcase.

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