Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel sells $400 million stock and deletes Twitter account

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel reportedly deleted his official Twitter account after selling his shares in the company.

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Bancel reportedly sold 10,000 of its own MRNA shares earlier today after the average price of $178.29 rose 3.06%, as reported Yahoo! Finance. In addition to selling his shares, several Twitter users noticed that Bancel had deleted his Twitter account without any explanation.

“Moderna CEO deletes Twitter account and sells $400 million worth of MRNA stock. So did Noubar Afeyan, another Moderna co-founder who sold shares for $1.5 billion. wrote Ryan Allen, editor of Guru Seed.

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Although a reason is currently unclear, several Twitter users have alleged that Bancel deleted his account and sold some stocks after a coronavirus vaccine report was released earlier today.

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