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July 18, 2022 – The island of Brac already has a solid reputation and perhaps does not need more publicity, but for the curious who want to see the island beyond Zlatni rat (Golden Horn) , here are some must-see destinations.

The island of Brac is the highest and the third largest among more than 1,000 Croatian islands, and it is thanks to this vast territory that it offers many and varied destinations to visit. While it is true that the island of Brac has become popular in recent years thanks to the very recognizable Zlatni Rat in Bol, it would be unfair to reduce such an island to just one beach. One could say without hesitation that the island of Brac has something for everyone, from olive oil to adventure sports. The island has spectacular hiking trails, interesting towns both on its coast and inland, and even a museum devoted exclusively to olive oil.

Due to its proximity to the Croatian mainland, in particular to the city of Split, the island of Brac is easily accessible by ferries and catamarans, as well as with small boats that offer daily tours. The main ports on the island are Supetar (from Split), Milna (from Split), Bol (from Split and Dubrovnik) and Sumartin (from Makarska). If you plan to visit the island of Brac via one of these ports, consider checking these destinations.


If you find yourself vacationing in Split, especially in the south of the city, it’s hard not to recognize Supetar from afar. It is undoubtedly the best destination accessible from the Dalmatian town due to the high frequency of ferries that take you to Supetar from the port of Split. However, this does not prevent it from being a city that deserves your full attention. Supetar offers many cultural events and many beaches. It also serves as the starting point for various thematic trails on the island, including the Via Brattia, on which you can find out more here.

Photo: Mario Romulic


Just 13 minutes by car from Supetar, Sutivan is on the northwest coast of the island of Brač. It’s a quaint little destination with a Mediterranean vibe and beautiful pebble beaches stretching west. Many cultural sites, various events and sports activities make it a good place for a pleasant vacation. Despite having its fair share of beaches, another great way to spend your time in Sutivan is to experience its diverse religious heritage, by visiting St. Rocco’s Church or St. John’s Church. Likewise, Sutivan is a bicycle-friendly town, in addition to having trails both on land and also for diving.


Image: Sutivan Tourist Office


East of Supetar is Splitska, just a 9-minute drive away. Splitska is a settlement developed in the 16th century, after the foundation in the 13th century was destroyed by pirates from Omiš. Historically, the stone of Brač was transported from the port of Splitska, which was used to build the palace of Diocletian in Split. Splitska is a small, quiet place, ideal for families and travelers looking for a peaceful vacation.


Photo: Mario Romulic


Postira, located 7 minutes east of Splitska, is a town founded in the 16th century and today has a great tourist offer that successfully unites its agricultural and fishing traditions. In addition to having a wide variety of beaches and accommodation, Postira definitely stands out for its countless activities to do, since Postira is home to the World Olive Picking Championship. Yes, you heard right. In the fall, during the olive picking season, teams made up of people from all over the world gather in Postira to compete to see who picks the most olives. You can find out more here.


Image: Postira Tourist Office


This list is of destinations that you cannot miss, but there are certain destinations that you just can’t miss. For me, one of these destinations is Pučišća, on the northeast coast of Brač. Pučšića is the largest settlement on the island of Brač and is known not only for its picturesque buildings but also for the stone-cutting tradition of its famous school, the best examples of which are erected throughout the town, visible also in its beautiful harbour. Pučšića is an excellent destination to spend relaxing days, where you can enjoy beautiful beaches, spectacular local cuisine and top quality olive oil.


Photo: Mario Romulic


This picturesque village exudes peace and tranquility and is ideal for a vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the island’s major tourist destinations. Povlja is surrounded by many bays, ideal for enjoying the abundant sun and the crystal clear sea. Be sure to visit one of the most spacious sacred buildings of this type in Croatia, an early Christian basilica with a 6th century baptistery. Two legends are associated with Povlja. It is believed that Saint Jelena, the mother of Emperor Constantine the Great, originated from Brač and was taken to Constantinople via Povalje. Another legend tells that Saint Ivan, who is the patron saint of the place, walked on the sea and drove out the plague with his sermons.


Photo: Mario Romulic


Who said that the only destinations to visit in Brač were on its coast? Being the highest island in Croatia, it is not surprising that its interior hides incredible villages with a lot of history. One of them is Pražnica, a small medieval town, 7 km south of Pučišća. Surrounded by many pastures, livestock farming has developed in the village, and rural tourism is also developing nowadays. Many visitors enjoy traditional Brač specialties here, such as the famous Brač cheese, lamb on the spit, homemade olive oil and high-quality Brač wines.


Photo: Kruno/Flickr


Fifteen minutes west of Pražnica, also inland on the island of Brač, is the village of Nerežišća. As a district, Nerežišća includes a large part of the interior of the island of Brač, as well as part of the south coast of the island. Nerežišća is one of the smallest settlements on Brač, with a population of less than 1,000, but was once the capital of the island, built inland rather than on the coast to protect against pirates who sailed a long time ago. Nerežišća is an ideal destination to feel the rural life of the island up close, without being far from the paradisiacal beaches. A must-see monument is a chapel with a bonsai tree, located in the center of the city.


Photo: Argo Navis/Wikimedia Commons


Located at the extreme east of the island of Brač, Sumartin is an increasingly popular tourist destination. It is also the youngest settlement on the island, which was founded by settlers from the mainland in the 17th century fleeing Turkish invaders. Besides its beautiful and popular beaches, you will find many coves and hidden beaches accessible only by boat. Active tourism enthusiasts will surely enjoy exploring the hiking and biking trails that lead through ancient olive groves and vineyards, offering unique Mediterranean scenes. Sumartin is a popular destination not only for those who are already on the island of Brač, but also for those on the Makarska Riviera, as the two towns are directly connected by a ferry line.


Image: Selca Tourist Office


Milna, located on the western tip of the island of Brač, is perhaps one of the most popular destinations, not only because of its catamaran connection from the port of Split, but also because it is a beautifully hidden bay with many coves and beaches, sheltered from storms in the area. With an identity strongly marked by its fishing and sailing traditions, Milna is today a popular destination for tourists during the summer season. If you are looking for spectacular events, you will not want to miss the Mrduja Tug of War, an event which takes place every last Saturday of July, where the inhabitants and guests of the islands of Brač and Šolta compete to define who belongs the small island. from Mrduja. Learn more here.


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Bol, what else to say about this destination which is not yet known? Well, believe it or not, a lot. Known worldwide for its spectacular and beautiful beach, Zlatni Rat, Bol offers an endless supply of experiences for all types of visitors. Being the oldest settlement on the coast of the island of Brač, the heritage that can be found in the village is a matter of wonder for history buffs. Likewise, its beaches are popular with windsurfers and kitesurfers. Bol is located on the south coast of the island and is accessible not only from Split and Dubrovnik, but also for those looking to do a bit of island hopping, with the option of traveling from Hvar as well.


Photo: Mario Romulic


Still on the south coast of the island of Brač, 6 kilometers west of Bol, is our last unmissable destination: Murvica. Although it contrasts with other destinations mentioned in this list, due to its small size (Murvica has a population of just over 20), it is absolutely worth including in your itinerary, as you will not only find beautiful beaches, but also the Dragon’s Cave, whose incredible stone carvings have never been properly explained. Zoran, a very enthusiastic local guide, provides an exceptional experience.


Photo: Mario Romulic

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