News from the community of Tatsfield for November 14

The Tatsfield Memorial Service saw 34 wreaths laid by many different people with this ex Para and his family at the Memorial Stone

Written by Dave Bishop for publication in the Surrey Mirror

Regular Surrey Mirror contributor Dave Bishop shares community news from the village of Tatsfield in the Tandridge district of Surrey.

Remembrance Day celebration at Tatsfield.
May I say a huge thank you to the superb team of people who “made” the Remembrance Service so well in the center of the village of Tatsfield last Saturday morning. This year’s event drew people from as far away as Manchester to thank fallen relationships who had given their all.

The Biggin Hill Air Training Corps and our first local Tatsfield scouts looked great and well done to all of you. These hardworking community volunteers have been brilliant, as have the staff at the Olde Ship pub, the excellent chants from the Tatsfield Singers and our local representative, the Reverend. Vince Short, who led the service.

The Rev. had help from Doug Massey, Neil & Sue Warren, Martyn Saines, Trevor Smith, David Mitchell, Ian Hayman, Jon Allbutt, Gary Purton, Ian McAffer, Roy, Paul, Christine Stainer, Kim Jennings, Jill Hancock, Carol Gaskell , Jan Bishop and others.

It was a celebration without the two original veterans who started it all about five years ago when they asked me to help them get a remembrance stone in the center of the village and with the help of our hard-working parish council, a stone was built free of labor costs by local builders Brian and one of his sons Peter Ling. Sadly, Dennis passed away some time ago and Ted joined him in Heaven on September 2 of this year. Is the question to “do it”, because if we do it we will need younger helpers to make it possible “yes we will!” “

Horticultural Society team members at their AGM meeting

Horticultural AG
You can always guarantee a great night out at the Annual General Meeting of the Horticultural Society and the last one held at the village hall was another winner. For starters, there is always loads of food and drink already nicely laid out for attendees to enjoy and that is followed by one of the fastest annual meetings and just over thirty minutes in all.

After a short break to eat and drink, some 35 attendees took advantage of one of the best speakers I have had the pleasure of hearing. Malcolm Knight gave a talk on ‘Vineyard Life by a Tour Guide‘ and he was accompanied by a superb selection of wines and after explaining what it was he invited everyone to come and have a drink of wine. sample.

This charming man was filled with stories that got all the attention, as was his presentation of funny stories that got everyone rolling. Well done to the “Horty” team and especially to this charming Malcolm from Sussex by the Sea.

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