Newtown Election: Donald Ramsey for Newtown School Board

NEWTOWN, CT – Election day is fast approaching and a number of key positions in Newtown will be on the ballot.

To help readers make an informed decision on November 2, Patch reached out to local candidates to share their perspectives on a variety of issues of importance to the city.

Patch will be releasing these candidate profiles over the next few days, so check back often to see the latest news.

Republican Donald Ramsey, 68, is a candidate for the Newtown Board of Education in Newtown.

Occupation: Retired public school educator

Family: Wife Maria, two sons, Brian and Timothy, one granddaughter, Sophia Grace (deceased), Four Step Children, Annmarie, Lisa, Michael and Andrew, and Six Step Grandchildren, Kaitlyn, Kimberly, Kelly Ann, Eilon, Tobias , and Alden.

To live: nothing

Family in government: No

The biggest problem in town is ______, and I plan to do this about it:

The most pressing problem facing our city is a two-level problem. The first is the loss of performance of our students due to the pandemic. The second is a myriad of social / emotional consequences that have resulted in a shift in the morale of parents, teachers and students. My intention is to support efforts in the area of ​​”professional development” that harness our own excellent local talent as well as to examine governmental (non-mandated) and external “for-profit” intrusions that hamper the dynamics of teaching in inspiring class.

Critical differences between me and my opponents:

Although the “Democratic” candidates are also good people, the essential difference is twofold. The first is that I am an experienced educator both at the teaching and administrative level. The second is that I am arguing for less complexity and bureaucratic overload in good teaching practice. The team of Janet Kuzma, Jenn Larkin and Don Ramsey (me) agree that “optimal” administrative control coupled with too much government regulation tends to hamper inspiring classroom instruction. Excessive compliance and compliance often results in poor learning outcomes. Blue Ribbon Schools are built on the principles of curiosity, critical thinking, creativity and strong expectations for excellence in all subject areas as well as in extracurricular activities. The teacher / student relationship is essential!


1. Teaching in an alternative high school for disadvantaged and “at risk” students in a diverse urban setting (Norwalk Public Schools). This experience improves my ability to communicate effectively and positively influence people from all walks of life. 2. Supervision of curriculum and teaching at the “Headquarters” level in Norwalk Public Schools enhances my ability to oversee and establish curriculum, curriculum and teaching policies as a board member. Newtown School. Writing and implementing various Connecticut State Department of Education grants improves my ability to respond as a board member to policies, regulations, and Connecticut State Department of Education grant compliance regarding public schools. of Newtown. 3. The acting principal at the elementary and middle school level at Norwalk improves my ability to oversee personnel matters, contracts, special education, professional development, program, leadership, issues. construction plant and sub-contract issues associated with our schools in Newtown. 4. Various awards for excellence in teaching and program development including “Celebration of Excellence” at Norwalk for an innovative “interdisciplinary” technology education program, recognition in print and media at Norwalk and in Newtown for a “hands-on and experiential” approach to teaching, “Teacher of the Year” at Newtown 2004-2005, “Profiles in Professionalism” at Newtown 2015-2016, and recognition of the program’s excellence in education Technology in Norwalk and Newtown by the Connecticut State Department of Education enhances my ability to promote and support “Blue Ribbon” caliber excellence in all Newtown school and extracurricular activities. 5. Community activism, including membership in the Newtown Youth and Family Services Board of Directors, participation in other Republican Party political campaigns, participation in various committees within the district school for building improvement projects, serving as a “teacher representative” on the Newtown Middle School PTO for over ten years, writing “opinion letters” to the local print media on various topics concerning the interests of the public and school community, active participation as a tour guide for the “Holiday Festival” sponsored annually by Newtown Savings Bank and participation in The Labor Day Parade with a variety of groups enhances my ability to establish effective links between the community and the Newtown school board.

Other issues:

1. Support programs to fill learning gaps caused by the pandemic for all students by recognizing the disparate impact on our community. 2. Prioritize the budget to support teachers, staff and classrooms while keeping budget cuts as far away from the classroom as possible. 3. Expand programs that prepare all children for the working world of tomorrow. 4. Work collaboratively as an efficiency and financial partner with the city to be “good stewards” of taxpayer dollars. 5. Running for the Newtown Board of Education with Janet Kuzma and Jenn Larkin as part of a collaborative team to promote excellence in all extracurricular subjects and activities.

What would you want voters to know about you?

My general mission is really very simple: above all, I want to have a refreshing influence on the people I meet. Second, and I want to leave every position I have in better shape than I can find.

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