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Alexander Bublik is one of the most entertaining players on the ATP Tour, with his ability to shoot his serves under the arms. Although fans may remember Kazakhstan’s deception the most, he has more aces than anyone so far with 576 entering this week’s Citi Open.

“That’s a cool statistic. Leading the aces after almost eight months is great, ”said Bublik. “It means I can serve. It means I can hit dingers.

Before the ninth seed started his run in Washington, caught up with Bublik to explain what his life is like on the Tour, his favorite vacation spots, and why he’s trying to focus on something other than tennis. once off the court.

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What are the two essentials other than tennis that you always take on trips?
This is my wedding ring and my watch. I buy and I sell. I bought my first [watch] in 2017. Since then, I’ve had a lot. I am a big fan of watches. I love watches, I love buying and selling them. I like all of those kinds of things. Right now I have maybe four or five watches, but I’ve had a lot more.

Do you enjoy traveling the world or do you consider that it is just something that needs to be done to be a professional tennis player? If you like it, what do you like to travel?
I don’t like to travel at all to be honest with you. I’m not a huge fan of packing, flying, and changing time zones, but I do consider that part of the job. I do not like it. I was happy to stay home for six months. I was very happy, it was really good for me. I would stay at home for another six months if necessary. For me, traveling is just part of my job for a living.

How do you try to overcome jet lag and acclimatize to the local time zone?
It is not difficult for me. I do well with time zones, but I just don’t like traveling. I would be happy to drive home to the Alps and come back with the car, five or six hours. I’m not a guy who would go to the Maldives, a 15 hour trip to lie in the sun for 15 days.

So what is your favorite vacation destination?
The French Alps, the Swiss Alps, the ski resorts. Something that is not common and you don’t see hundreds of tennis players and athletes there. Something a little interesting to walk around, see nature.

I go to the mountains, I love nature. Of course there is a great hotel, but [I like] to go for a walk. I don’t know how to ski or snowboard unfortunately, but I love nature. It’s great to recharge, put your phone away. I think for me the best places are these cold ski resorts or in the Swiss Alps.

Watch Bublik’s visit to the Newport grounds:

What is your favorite tournament city to visit and why?
ATP holds tournaments in very good places, so usually it’s always in good cities. There are cities that I don’t like [because of] weather or conditions or whatever, but overall 95 percent of ATP tournaments are held in great locations. We have great hotels [too].

As a tennis player, maintaining your body is essential, so how do you take care of it on long trips?
Sleep well and a few glasses of wine never hurts. I try not to stick to the tennis player thing, to always take care of yourself, to take care of your body, to take care of your tennis. When traveling you should try to be a normal person and do what a normal person would on a 14 hour flight.

Are there any routines or activities that you do to create a sense of “home on the road” to make you feel more comfortable?
I travel with my wife, my trainer – who is my good friend – and a fitness trainer and we try not to talk about tennis. We try not to think of tennis at all when we are away from the tennis courts. Just live a normal life.

I don’t think of myself as a tennis player when I’m outside. I probably should to perform better as they say. But for me, the most important thing is to feel happy and comfortable on the Tour. I try to put tennis life aside when I’m away from the tennis courts.


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