Planning a trip for Labor Day weekend? Here are the best places to visit in Utah

Labor Day weekend is approaching and people have already started planning their weekend trips. However, you don’t have to travel far to satisfy your wanderlust. Here are nine places right here in Utah you can explore this Labor Day weekend.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah is full of amazing national parks and Bryce Canyon is no exception. Located in southwestern Utah, it is only a few hundred miles from all major cities. If you love hiking, rock climbing and stunning views, be sure this unique spot finds its way into your weekend travels.


If you love all things outdoors, Moab is the place for you. Admire the famous delicate arch at Arches National Parkrent 4-wheelers, visit Dead Horse Point State Park or spend a night camping under the beautiful stars.

Bonneville salt flats

Personally, visiting the Bonneville Salt Flats has been on my bucket list for a while and Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to drive there. With over 30,000 miles of white, arid, and spacey land, the Salt Flats make the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram photoshoot. Don’t taste the ground.

farm crater

According Southern OC Moms Network, “The Homestead Resort Crater in Midway, Utah is a geothermal hot spring that was created more than 10,000 years ago when melting snow sank deep into the earth and seeped upwards after being heated by the interior of the earth.” How cool is that? With the water remaining at 90-96 degrees, you can swim, scuba dive, or even take stand-up paddleboard yoga classes in the 65-foot-deep natural hot spring. Just be sure to book ahead!

Saint George

Want to get away from it all in hot weather, palm trees and cliff jumping? Look no further than St. George in southern Utah. Close to several parks including Zion National Park, Gunlock State Park and Sand Hollow State Park, there are countless fun things to do in this trendy and bustling college town. Oh, and did I mention “High School Musical 2” was filmed here?

Lagoon amusement park

Need something fun for the whole family to do? The Lagoon amusement park offers the perfect mix of rides for small children and adults, with thrilling rides like the Cannibal or quieter, more kid-friendly rides like Puff the Little Fire Dragon. Not a fan of roller coasters? Stop at Pioneer Village and have your photo taken in an Old Western outfit or catch a show at the Carousel Theater.

Tube on the Provo River Where Ogden River

As cooler temperatures are rapidly approaching, paddling the Provo River or the Ogden River is a great way to enjoy the last days of summer. Rent a tube or bring your own and take a spin in the cool, refreshing water with your friends and family.

Mona Rope Swing

Located in Juab County, this beautiful swimming hole is the perfect way to cool off after a long day in the sun. Are you feeling brave? Head to the jumping platforms (some reaching 9 meters high) and swing like Tarzan in the water. Don’t worry, the Burraston Ponds are deep enough for even the wildest flips or dives in the water.

park city

This upscale Utah town made Time magazine’s list of the 50 Most Beautiful Places in the World this year, and for good reason. “Known for the Sundance Film Festival, Park City has grown in recent years with more and more luxury resorts, restaurants and high-end businesses popping up all over the city. Not only does the mountain town have Olympic-grade ski slopes for winter sports, but it is also a vast playground for year-round outdoor activities,” the Deseret News reported.

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