Planning a trip to Europe this summer? Discover the hottest new hotels

Are you planning a trip to Europe this summer? It is ultimately it was about time: after COVID-era restrictions, closures and quarantines made travel to and from the mainland quite difficult, visitors are welcome again in 2022.

Following ? A slew of stylish hotels set to open (or have just opened) in popular destinations from the city to the coast. Just in time for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the opening of Twenty Two in London’s Grosvenor Square. In Capri, the owners of the iconic Hotel du Cap bring their luxurious style to the Italian island. Foodies should look no further than the Maybourne Riviera with its three high-end culinary concepts, while those looking to take advantage of the conflicting concepts of the holidays and peace will find them both at Standard Ibiza or Cali Mykonos.

Below, the new European hotels vogue is to be monitored.

By Richard Haughton

From the same parent company as London’s iconic Claridge’s comes Maybourne Riviera, a hotel on the French Riviera with stunning views of the Mediterranean as well as three countries: Monaco, France and Italy. For dinner, choose from three world-class restaurants (one is by Mauro Colagreco of World’s Best Restaurant Mirazur, another by Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and a third by sushi chef Hiro Sato). And when you’re not dining, simply admire your surroundings: several interior designers, including Pierre Yovanovitch, have contributed to its interiors.

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