Primary health center in Salyan of little use

Lekhpokhara Primary Health Center in Chhatreswhori Rural Municipality was established about 15 years ago to provide quality health services to residents of Lekhpokhara, Jhimpe, Syanikhal, Dahakhola and Lanti, among other surrounding localities. But the health center has been of little help to local residents due to the lack of skilled human resources and appropriate medical equipment at the health center.

Residents of Ward No.5 of Chhatreshwori Rural Municipality in Salyan have to go to Khalanga District Hospital or private hospitals in nearby towns to get basic medical services despite the existence of a health center. primary health care in the local unit.

“Treatment costs increase dramatically when one has to go to health facilities in other cities,” said Nandaram Pun, a resident of Ward 5 of Chhatreshwori Rural Municipality.

Although the Lekhpokhara Primary Health Center installed an x-ray machine four years ago, the machine remains unused due to a lack of human resources and other additional equipment.

“Getting an x-ray costs around Rs 200, but the travel costs amount to Rs 2,000. Pregnant women, children and the elderly in particular have been greatly affected by the lack of appropriate medical services at the primary health center. Pun said.

The monsoon season brings additional problems with the movement of obstructed vehicles along most rural roads due to landslides.

“Vehicle traffic along several rural roads comes to a halt during the monsoon. There is no choice but to walk for hours to reach the district headquarters and receive health services, ”said Purna Bahadur Gharti, a resident of Lekhpokhara in Ward 5.“ The able-bodied villagers can make the trip, but when our elders and children get sick, we have little choice but to carry them on our backs.

Pun from Chhatreshwori complained that patients have to be transported on stretchers to the district headquarters because rural roads have been blocked by multiple landslides.

“We cannot receive a proper diagnosis in the primary health center. That is why even patients with minor illnesses should be taken to Khalanga or Shreenagar for treatment, ”Pun said.

Local residents also complain about the absence of health workers at the health center.

“Most of the time, the health center is unmanned. Not all villagers can afford to seek treatment outside the rural municipality. They end up relying on traditional healing, ”said Jhupa Khatri, a local health volunteer.

Bir Bahadur Oli, the centre’s senior auxiliary health worker, admits that the facility lacks the skilled human resources and other medical tools needed to operate its x-ray machine.

“The federal health ministry provided the x-ray machine in 2017. We asked the rural municipality to release a budget for hiring technicians, but they ignored us,” said Oli.

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