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An outback bush guide has become an online success sharing images of the spectacular scenery and amazing wildlife of his beloved Western Australia.

Malcolm Roberts, known on Instagram as Aussie Bush Guide, was born and raised in Perth, in the Australian state of Western Australia.

“I have traveled to all of the Australian states and many overseas countries, but my passion is Western Australia,” said Roberts.

Malcolm Roberts, Western Australian tour guide and wildlife photographer. (@ aussiebushguide / Zenger)

Roberts said he “fell in love with photography” on trips abroad when he was in his early twenties. Back in Perth, he studied photography and obtained his photography certificate.

This led him to start his own business, traveling to southern Western Australia to take photos and turn them into postcards for sale.

A photo of Living Gums, or migum (Eucalyptus leucophloia) by Malcolm Roberts. (@ aussiebushguide / Zenger)
A photo by Malcolm Roberts from Western Australia. (@ aussiebushguide / Zenger)

Roberts’ Instagram account has garnered more than 11,000 followers, in addition to 200 followers on a Facebook page of the same title.

“I have always enjoyed the incredible variety of beautiful places in Western Australia,” said Roberts.

“The tour guide is my job, but it allows me to visit and photograph some of the most beautiful places in Western Australia. People message me on Instagram and tell me that my photos inspire them. I like to hear that.

The Murchison River winds through the sandstone of Kalbarri National Park. (@ aussiebushguide / Zenger)

Articles in Roberts’ account show it culminating at 4,048 feet from Mt. Bruce in Karijini National Park, where he occasionally leads groups along the second highest peak in Western Australia.

Roberts said he doesn’t use any special effects or filters on the photos he posts.

“Most of my photos are taken quickly while on tour, as I walk with guests,” he said. “No time for tripods or for snooping!”

A photo of baby spiders hanging on mum’s back by Malcolm Roberts. (@ aussiebushguide / Zenger)
A quokka, or short-tailed brush wallaby, which is the largest land animal on Rottnest Island. (@ aussiebushguide / Zenger)

“I have to locate the subject, consider my composition and take the photo. If necessary, I research the topic to add interest to my Insta post. I’m using my phone’s camera again because I’m busy working.

Roberts invites his subscribers to “travel by proxy”. In addition to photos taken at Karijini National Park, Aussie Bush Guide includes snapshots of Fitzgerald River National Park on the state’s south coast to Cheela Plains station in the northwest.

A photo of a sundew, a carnivorous plant that catches unfortunate insects that provide it with nutrients, by Malcolm Roberts. (@ aussiebushguide / Zenger)
A photo of mushrooms by Malcolm Roberts. (@ aussiebushguide / Zenger)

“Other photos on my Insta are from a vacation where I had a little more time to explore and find a hidden subject, like a rare orchid,” said Roberts. “We are so blessed to be the Wildflower State, filled with spectacular wildflowers. It is so rewarding to go out to take pictures. I look forward to offering wildflower tours in the near future. ”

Roberts described Kermit’s Pool in Karijini National Park as “a magical place” in one of his favorite national parks.

“The red-banded iron gorges, carpets of wildflowers and beautiful hikes make this a special place,” he said. “Definitely a Western Australia bucket list destination.”

(Edited by Stella Grace Lorence and Kristen Butler)

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