Seattle Seahawks’ league-high travel miles continue to rack up with two preseason trips

Due to their location in the northwest region of the contiguous United States, travel will always play an important role for the Seahawks from year to year. But their next regular season itinerary promises to be even more grueling than usual, thanks in large part to their 10,528-mile round trip between Seattle and Munich, Germany.

In total, the Seahawks will travel 29,446 miles across 34 time zones. Here’s where it sits in the history of the franchise:

  1. 2008 – 29,902
  2. 2022 – 29,446
  3. 2018 – 29,088
  4. 2007 – 29,014
  5. 2020 – 28,982
  6. 2004 – 28,860
  7. 2005 – 28,618
  8. 2012 – 28,512
  9. 2013 – 28,270
  10. 2021 – 28,088

In addition to their trip to Germany, the Seahawks will also play three games in the Eastern Time Zone. These visits combined will represent 11,090 miles (37.6%) of the distance traveled in Seattle in 2022.

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All while being scheduled to play the fewest road games⁠—eight⁠—in a season. That, however, ignores the preseason, which will see the Seahawks take to the skies twice more⁠ – and no trip will be a puddle jump.

Seattle will kick off the preseason in Pittsburgh, covering 4,258 round-trip miles. Then, to top off its exhibition slate, the team will travel to Dallas for a 3,342 mile round trip.

Add those two numbers to their regular-season mile total and the Seahawks are expected to fly 37,046 miles in the air from Aug. 13 to Jan. 8. Now, if they were to make the playoffs, breaking 40,000 miles could be a real possibility.

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